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New customer needs At&T fiber hardware info, Thanks


New customer needs At&T fiber hardware info, Thanks

I signed up to get u300 HDtv and 300Mpbs internet. 1 dvr and 1 receiver for my 2 TVs. I want to know what hardware I'm getting so I can look it up. I called but they are saying it is the techs decision when they show up for my installation next Wed. I have been told different things about storage from 160gb (haha) to a 1 tb dvr or a 2 tb DVR. I was told 6 total hd simultaneous recordings to 8 simultaeous recordings to 4 simultaneous recordings. I was told the wireless gateway had 8 hardware ethernet ports and another told me 4 ports. I was given possible model# on a receiver, but not on the dvr or gateway, so I'm all over the place wondering what to expect. I'm leaving Comcast after 13 years, so I've been through the wringer with them over the years, so the info I gleen here may potentially keep me as a customer. Lastly does anyone know if they are going to drill seperate holes through the house brick to run the new fiber? I don't want them to use the old copper from Comcast as I may have to cancel in my 14 day initial satisfaction guaranty window that AT&T gave me and (heaven forbid) keep Comcast. Any info is appreciated. Thank you Johnm

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Re: New customer needs At&T fiber hardware info, Thanks

What exact info would you like? They are correct on the DVR aspect. However I (after some troubleshooting with customer service) ordered a new DVR thinking it was the box. Turns out it was my line. They immediately had a tech out the next morning to replace my line. They try , structurally permitting from my experience, to go through the non-brick portions, such as the eaves of the house on the outside. They cannot use other providers' materials (such as Comcast or Cox in my case in OK) by law. My DVR models are the Cisco IPN4320 and the Pace IPH8005. My gateway is the BGW210. It has 4 Ethernet ports and 2 USB ports. Hope that helps.

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Re: New customer needs At

Great, Thanks very much for your helpful info. I'm glad you said that about them not using Comcast;'s wire. I had actually called in today to see if I could get some info about them using my existing Comcast wiring and they said they do. I hope you're correct and they drill their own and use their own wiring. I appreciate the model #'s I'm going to look them up. Thanks again!
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Re: New customer needs At

Models will vary by market... Cisco or Motorola


The current fiber gateways being used include the Arris 599, Pace 5268 or BGW 210-700. The 210-100 is a DirecTv WAP thus likely a DTV manufactured product as 210-700 uses same power supply as 210-100. Software in 210-700 is similar to Arris 599 screen layouts.


The DVR should be 8010 or 8110 if available with large 1T hard drives.

The 2250, 7500 and 8005 have 500G hard drive with 4HD support. Again what is installed is based upon what is available on techs truck.


If receive a wireless receiver likely 7005 1st gen. WAP either VEN501 or 2500. 


As coax should not be used...

Fiber from terminal to a Slack NID mounted on outside residence. Hole drilled, flex fiber to ONT mounted on wall, ethernet to gateway, ethernet to DVR, ethernet to WAP. Ethernet to 2nd tv or wireless receiver.



*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: New customer needs At

O.K. I'm thankful for your info. I got so many different stories I was concerned. So, now I do know what to expect when the tech shows up next week. I appreciate your time and information JohnM

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