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New Install - Cisco DVR Freeze/Red X Issue


New Install - Cisco DVR Freeze/Red X Issue

Hello - 


I had U-verse installed last week and have been having intermittent problems with my DVR box since. I have a second STB and internet service which work fine.


Last night, I turned on my TV and had a black screen - my Cisco IP(4320? - at work, can't remember exact model) had the link and HD lights on, but the power button was not illuminated. I tried holding down power to reset, but nothing happened. Eventually, I unplugged the unit and plugged it back in. After doing this, I got the gear screen followed by a red X with two dots below.


I called tech support, and after doing a number of power cycles we got the box back up and TV worked fine...for a few minutes. Several times last night the picture would freeze and I would be forced to repeatedly power cycle to get back up and running. I switched out to a new HDMI cable toward the end of the night after reading about HDMI issues. After doing this, I was able to watch for about an hour and thought the issue had been resolved.


Fast forward to this morning. I decided to test the box before leaving for work. I watched a DVR recording on my other STB, which suggested to me that everything was working. However, I went to the DVR box, turned on the TV, and same issue. Black screen, no power light, etc. I restarted the box and ended up with the red X and two dots again. I have since had to leave to come to work.


Has anyone ever experienced a similar issue? Any tips on what I can do to resolve this? I do like the service quite a bit so far, but that has been pretty frustrating.


Thanks - 

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Re: New Install - Cisco DVR Freeze/Red X Issue

Hm... you may have a bad DVR.  But there are other possible causes including network issues between the DVR and the RG, et al.


How is your DVR connected to the TV?  HDMI cable, composite cable or something else?


How is your DVR connected to the RG?  Via Coax cable or twisted pair cable?




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Re: New Install - Cisco DVR Freeze/Red X Issue

I am going HDMI through a DENON receiver to my TV. Twisted pair cable from outside to RG and from RG to DVR. I have excellent internet and my other STB works great - I downloaded the UV Realtime tool and don't remember my numbers off-hand, but everything looked good and it recommended the highest profile (which I am on). It also showed that I am within 500 feet of the VRAD.


I also moved the DVR box to my other TV where my other STB has been working flawlessly. I plugged it in and got the red X with two dots below on that TV as well.


I have a tech visit scheduled for tomorrow evening, so I will see what happens there and provide an update. Was just wondering if anyone else had similar issues so I can prevent ending up in a loop of service calls. Thanks for the help.

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Re: New Install - Cisco DVR Freeze/Red X Issue

Let us know what happens.


I'm an old install, but was stuck on the blue ATT screen, then black screen, and red x-1 dot.  I ended up doing the Disaster Recovery option (the one that WILL erase all recordings), and finally got everything back up.  Mine happened after a short power outage.


My other STBs were NOT working, but when I changed locations between 2 of them, 1 started working; moved it back to it's old location, and then both worked.  Never seen anything like this in nearly 5 years!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM


Tech came out yesterday evening at about 5:30 (not bad for a scheduled window of 5:00 - 9:00). Replaced the DVR with a new box and was out within 5 minutes. 


Everything worked great initially, but the real test was to see this morning if it would come out of sleep mode after being inactive overnight, as this was when my previous DVR's problems would manifest themselves. I tested it out this morning and everything looks good so far.


Seems like I may have just started out with a bad DVR, or maybe they originally set me up with a shoddy refurb or something. The tech made a comment that having the box near my receiver may have fried it due to heat coming off the receiver. I doubt this, as I specifically checked the placement of the receiver for heat from other components. Not to mention, with the tiny amount of heat that could have reached the DVR it would be pretty pathetic for it to burn out within a day or two.


As a side note, I got in touch with AT&T support through Twitter after I had already scheduled my appointment through the online chat. Even though I had already scheduled the appointment, Tammy called me once before the appointment to see if there was anything else I needed, about 20 minutes after the appointment to make sure it went alright, and said she would follow up next week to make sure everything is still OK. Definitely worth reaching out to them via Twitter if you have a problem.


Thanks for your guys' help as well - 

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Re: Update

Thanks for the update--hope it's smooth sailing from here on out.

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Re: Update


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Re: Update

Our DVR was freezing and causing problems, even on the other TV's located in my house. I had the DVR in my living room inside a TV Stand and it was connected via COAX. I think the DVR was overheating because of not enough ventilation inside the TV Stand. I moved the DVR into another room in the house where the Controller is located, and connected the DVR straight to the Controller with a Cat 5 Ethernet Cable. Then i moved the other Box into the living room and connected it where the DVR was before. Now that the DVR is not in the TV Stand and out in the open, and connected via the Ethernet cable it works great. The problem was either the DVR was overheating, or changing it from COAX to Ethernet corrected the problem. I think it was a heat related issue, as when the DVR was recording it felt pretty warm.

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