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Need help! New main receiver shuts off when TV is off...


Need help! New main receiver shuts off when TV is off...

Hi everyone,


I've been habing a few issues with my receiver box.  This is my third one within two months.  I have a separate remote for my TV than my U-Verse remote.  When I shut off my TV, a few minutes later my DVR receiver turns off.  Every time I turn my TV on, my DVR receiver boots up from the start.  I hear this could be a power save option; however, I have two major issues with this:  1. Any shows I have scheduled to record do not record when the receiver is off and 2. the other receivers I have in the house are not able to pause, record, rewind, etc once the main receiver is off.



For example, tonight I had two shows scheduled to record at 10pm and 10:30pm.  At 9:50, I shut off my TV (NOT my receiver) and went upstairs.  I turned on my TV upstairs and was not able to pause.  Went downstairs to realize my receiver was off with no red light indicating it was recording.  I turned my TV on and magically my DVR booted up. Suddenly it started to record and my upstairs receiver pauses and records. I have to leave my TV on downstairs for this to work properly. Can someone please help??  I sure hope I don't need another receiver.  I'm tired of trying one after another.

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Re: Need help! New main receiver shuts off when TV is off...

Are you on a power strip with both devices?
I have seen power strips with primary, secondary outlets.
When you turn off the device on primary secondary outlets are turned off.
Place the dvr on direct connection to wall outlet, should solve if this is issue.
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Re: Need help! New main receiver shuts off when TV is off...

dcw040584 - I second the recommendation provided by My Thoughts.

In normal operation the DVR does not turn off. It just sleeps & completes all its whole house DVR activities in the background.

Your description of reboot on power up and not working while napping clearly indicates that you are depriving it of power.

Could be one of those power strips designed to allow you to turn off a main device & power down all peripheral devices automatically. Some TVs have an outlet that does the same.

There are also TV features that send a turn-off signal via HDMI. The DVR does not have this feature, but, if you do have continuous power, you should try component instead of HDMI connection.
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Re: Need help! New main receiver shuts off when TV is off...

Thank you BOTH!!!  That was the solution!  My device was plugged into a power strip, along with the television.  When I moved the device to the wall outlet and left the TV on the powerstrip, it works just fine!!  THANK YOU again for the solutions.  This was driving me nuts!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Need help! New main receiver shuts off when TV is off...

dcw, thanks for posting that your issue was resolved.  If you ever have any quesions, comments, or concerns feel free to post them here in the forum.  There are many people who are ready, willing, and able to offer yuo assistance in the form of information, suggestions and resources.  Enjoy.

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