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My DVR is running out of space.


My DVR is running out of space.

I am running out of space on my DVR and I will not be able to watch recorded shows for awhile. Can I get a second larger DVR and temporarily swap it with my IPH8005 500Gb DVR to record new shows?  Can I then swap them to watch recorded shows on each until the IPH8005 has no more recordings?  I would then use the larger DVR exclusively.

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Re: My DVR is running out of space.

No, one DVR at a time. Max storage available is 500G. 

The 1TB is not available at all markets. To be honest, no one knows which market it's available at. I'm thinking the IPH8010 (1TB) is a myth. 

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‎03-06-2017 6:38 AM

Re: My DVR is running out of space.

The 1T 8010 is for ATT Uverse Fiber customers who have ordered IPTV service.

The ATT Fiber allows 6 streams instead of 4 on normal VDSL accounts.


As stated one DVR per account, if you could receive an 8010 the 8005 would be disabled (removed from account) losing all current recordings. If space is becoming a premium either delete some recordings, or change your recordings to SD instead of HD. The SD format uses about a 1/3 of HD, thus could have three times the recordings in the same amount of space.

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Re: My DVR is running out of space.

Thanks @my thoughts. Didn't know that IPH8010 si for Fiber customers only. LEarned something today! :-D

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