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Last night's software update


Last night's software update

Anyone know what it was for? All 3 of my receivers had to go through the process of downloading software update, installed, rebooting, etc. I can't see anything different. Anyone know what it's about?

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Re: Last night's software update

jimgfitzgerald - thanks for the personal advice - I may do so.  As I explained above, I am evaluating U-verse - I apologize if I assault the sensibilities of any U-verse enthusiasts.  I hope that AT&T pays some attention to the comments and suggestions available on these boards - I constructively offer my own with the hopes that U-verse might eventually address them to improve their products.  Seriously, I do not intend to make anyone mad.



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Re: Last night's software update

I had U-Verse two years ago and it was terrible.  I came back two weeks ago after my Charter internet became unreliable, and I have been pleasantly surprised by U-Verse.  I have no complaints.

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Re: Last night's software update

I have a question.. How in the heck did you get to accept the changes.  My TV screen shows update now or later but I can't move the options, let alone update it.. Says to use straight arrow keys or a weird cross looking button.. None of which are on my remote.


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