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Keeping recordings from old unit

Keeping recordings from old unit

After numerous issues with our DVR, ATT  sent another DVR receiver (4th in 5 years).  This one is the Motorola VIP2250. We have over 60 hour of recordings on the old DVR that we really don't want to lose.


The old unit still works (some of the time, numerous resets required). Is there any way to save or transfer the old unit content to the new DVR?


This is a once a year scenario with DVRs. I think I'm ready to leave ATT and seek other options if we cant save our recorded content.

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Re: Keeping recordings from old unit

No, you will lose all recordings.Smiley Sad

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Re: Keeping recordings from old unit

Before installing new DVR will need to save any recordings desired to another format (vhs, dvd, pc)
Once DVR is swapped there is no way to access recordings as old DVR drops off device list and cannot be restored.
Additionally only have a few weeks before DVR is required to be returned or pay lost/damages fee.


To ensure the best experience with the 2250, strongly recommend a factory reset before ny recordings are made.
After dvr has loaded properly, swap completed please do the following....

Factory Reset...depress Power, OK, Down buttons for 15 seconds, release power button while continually holding OK, Down till front panel lights flash three times. Release all buttons, screen will go thru one, two gears, bue screen, etc. Total time give 15 minutes. After DVR screen up, go to channel (like 1800) allow about 5 minutes for guide and DVR functions to load.
Record a 5 minute program, verify playback both on dvr and additional receivers. If other receiver(s) do not see or access dvr,unplug all equipment, power RG up, once stable, then dvr, stable, then additional receivers. This process resets the device list in the RG.

Any other questions, please post. If first time having the 2250, many like the response and picture quality compared to the 1216 or 1226 dvrs.

Thanks for reading this longer post, hope it helps.
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Re: Keeping recordings from old unit

It has been awhile since I have seen any posts on this but there is a third party device that you can use to record your recordings on DVD or Vhs.  That will enable to bypass the DRM restrictions.  

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Re: Keeping recordings from old unit

Thank You

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Re: Keeping recordings from old unit

I have a Sony DVD/VHS Player Recorder.. Can I use this to Record My Dvr Recordings I have on the unit.. And How Do I Do IT????????

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