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Help to Understand DVR Capacity


Help to Understand DVR Capacity

My questions is why does our DVR delete shows that are selected to only delete when space is needed, but they are deleted when the DVR reads that it is at 49%?  I could understand more like 75 or 85%, but less than 50%?  Really?  That just doesn't make sense.  Can anyone help me wrap my mind around this?  Thanks.

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Re: Help to Understand DVR Capacity

StanHerm - That does sound strange. I believe I used to clean up when I saw avail space in the 20-30 % range. This was the point where shows were being marked as deletion candidates. I would choose instead of letting the DVR delete.

But, it has been a long, long time since I have seen a show marked for deletion.

A simple step is to do a "pull the plug for 30 seconds" reboot. This is a soft reboot & is not expected to delete any recordings.

Why is the DVR filling up? It is really not a good device for archiving shows. It is short term time shift device. Anything stored can disappear. If you really want to save anything it should be played into something more permanent.
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Re: Help to Understand DVR Capacity

It's known for certain dvrs to automatically delete recordings. It could be an issue with the dvr.

What model dvr do you have. VIP1216, VIP1225, or VIP2250. Do you have any other issues with your dvr? 

Its not the best to let your dvr get too full anyways and I always set my series recordings to automatically delete old recordings as new episodes are recorded.

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Re: Help to Understand DVR Capacity

The DRV is VIP2250.  No other issues.  We also don't tend to use it to store items, HOWEVER... We have a 4 year old that recently asks for specific cartoons at odd times and we like to have a variety on there for her.  Additionally, we now have a newborn and I like to be able to watch my shows on the weekends...if posible.  And then my husband likes to watch his football games, again when possible, on HD.  So now is just an odd time for us.  I would just like to use it and not have things suddenly disappear when the system is telling me that we still have approximately 72 hours of HD only to then have items dissappear!  So, now, I save things until I delete them.... not what I really want to do because I forget, but that is what I have been conditioned to do.  


We have rebooted it a few times and this has been the situation since the Summer Olympics.  I remember because, I lost some of the swimming events... *sigh*.  lol


Thank you for your input, I will try rebooting one more time when everyone is out of the house, so I don't get too much protest.

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Re: Help to Understand DVR Capacity


I am having the same problem--we have to remember to set all recordings to "save until I delete" or else they disappear immediately.  The DVR is at just under 50%.  With 4 in the household, it can get pretty full in a busy time such as last week.


Thanks to the questioner and the respondent.  I will try the soft re-boot when I get home also.



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