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Drops every 12 hrs


Drops every 12 hrs

I am having an issue I hope someone here can help me with. My router does a total reset approx every 12 hrs, at first just the broadband and service lights would go out and I would have to manually unplug and reset the router. Now all lights other than power and ethernet go out and I still have to reset the router. Also I get further resets sometimes 2-3 times within 30 mins of the original reset. Once all this is done I am good for another 12 hrs approx.


First they found a bridgetap in the line and corrected it. Changed the power supply for the inid. Changed outlets for the ps as well, thought the refr was causing issues. Now the tech is stumped and is referring to his suprvisor. What bothers me is the regularity timing of the drops. I can almost set my watch by them. Usually between 7:30-8:30 am and the same at night, it seems to be getting progressively worse with more resets and more lights disappearing when it does happen. I have checked my network and have found no evidence of malware, viruses etc. (I was told by support that would cause the same issue). I have pots phone and not uverse phone which does not seem to be affected.

Any clues I can pass onto my tech will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Drops every 12 hrs

Issue has finally been resolved, after having my lines moved to different ones 3 separate times, having the sending cards changed 3 times, 2 different Inids installed and 3 different power supplies, the mystery has been solved.

The last tech came out and changed the cord on the power supply from a 3 prong to a 2 prong and said something was sending data or interference on the ground connection. Once he did that I have had no further issues with my unit resetting every 12 hrs.

If anyone has issues like this try using a 3 prong adapter and use only the 2 prongs for a while and see if your problems go away you can get one at any grocery store or dollar store on the cheap. Worth a shot anyway.


Good Luck!!

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Re: Drops every 12 hrs

very interesting. I wonder if I can just use a three to two prong adapter to try this or whether I have to change the cable entirely, maybe even just remove the ground from inside the batterypower box?

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