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Disable Press Ok To Watch

Disable Press Ok To Watch



I am new to the att u-verse, and i am curious is here a way to disable this menu, i find it whoever decide that menu should get seriously fired. Why would i power on my tv just to be ask if i wanna watch tv? like how does that make any sense there not even a logic behind it.


People tell me to just switch to TV and when im done watching to just turn the tv off leaving the box on, which i have done but my box automatically turns off after some point in the day. Now it not the fact that it just 1 menu, i watch the same channel everyday and the probability of me changing to a different channel is close to .01%


The provider which i had before is TWC is was pretty much turn on and done, i switch to ATT cause it was cheaper. I mean unless ATT is trying to tell us "well you get what you pay for". My grandpa is like 89 years old and for 40 years with twc all he had to do is push power and bam he on his channel. Switching to ATT is constantly nag me about what the stupid menu "Press Ok to watch tv". He even says there is no logic behind having a screen that ask to watch tv when obviously i hit power on the remote to watch tv.


He old and has no idea what he doing 99% of the time, He just wanna watch tv, everytime that menu comes up he think the tv down or something and doesnt even bother watching which is a waste of money.


People pay for the service to use the service. 


So i am suggesting 3 option which i know ATT doesn't probably give a rats butt about us.


1: Allow us to leave the box on 24/7

2: Get Rid of the "Press Ok to watch TV" 




3: Leave the stupid screensaver up but have it automatically closed after 3 sec


I wanna know if the CEO of ATT ever wonder why he or she is told to watch tv press ok, when technically speaking if someone picks up a remote especially the remote for the cable box to turn it on they obvously wanna watch tv. It would make more sense if the tv was turned on by the TV remote not by the u-verse box and it was asked that.



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Re: Disable Press Ok To Watch

the merits of the feature is not in doubt its how its deployed that is,
we are paying for the data; if i pay for a service and wish to pay for it to be on 24h it should be my choice and not forced upon with no way of reversing this,
im paying for the service yet im being punished for using it 4 times a day instead of it working the way TV always worked,
just because we can do certain technical things doesn't mean we should; whats next our or electric cars will turn off too?

if this is how ATT is operating why not come out and say it out loud to their customers instead of hiding this fact; 
wrapped with as many uninformed representatives they can place between management and customers?
because management knows not a single person will buy a TV service that turns itself off every few hours,

i spent almost 6 weeks now chasing this ridiculousness.
every other function is described in great detail, accept the very basic one,
your TV will also for your convenient will turn off 4 times a day  and you will have to turn it on manually,
ooh and it will happen in the the middle of dinner, or smack when the movie is at its peak,
because that the real TV experience we all love not the way it was where we can just watch tv until we decide,

instead of keep making justification to why its ok for ATT to do this, join my side!


Since ATT is pushing their own customer to a corner here’s what one customer came up with,

A TMobile family plan including 4 phones each with its unlimited is the same cost as ATT’s unlimited internet (max 100mbps),

If we take those 4 SIM cards and slide them into a channel bonding 4G LTE modem,

One can churn a 600mbps download with 200mbps upload speeds with unlimited data!

Even a single 4G LTE SIM in a 4G LTE modem on its own provides greater speeds than ATT unlimited plan,


I ask again ATT why the self-destructive behavior?

as if we have no alternatives or capable of deciphering what’s right and wrong these days,

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Re: Disable Press Ok To Watch

Hey I solved this!  I have a 91 yo mother who is partially blind.  I see her up with an Amazon fire cube and ran into this problem.  I see variations of this problem go back almost 9 years.  I went to my phone and dialed 1-800- comcast

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Re: Disable Press Ok To Watch

Yeah, it’s a sad testament to AT&T’s support that this is the only solution put forward after all these years.

”Alexa, turn on the TV” works great for everyone except AT&T customers.  Now that the TV is on, we have to go find the remote to press the OK button.  So much for having a ‘smart home’.


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Re: Disable Press Ok To Watch

Yep that's the only way to fix it. Comcast is an RF provider. Their stuff
runs 24x7 without any interaction. Any IP based provider will require you to
press OK to avoid a screensaver. I had this issue with Layer3TV also.

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