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DVR Location with Coax Install


DVR Location with Coax Install

Uverse installation is entirely coax, and has been for over 4.5 years.  RG is in central location, with 3 STBs spread out.


Original install pre-dates WHDVR option, and the DVR box was placed near our main tv (where it remains).


This location is the "farthest" - in terms of cable length & connections - from the RG, and my question is whether it would make sense to relocate the DVR box to a room that is "closer" to the RG - ??


 Coax cable runs out of RG, and into the basement, where it enters a Holland 2-way splitter.

From this splitter:  

        Cable 1 runs to the STB for our TV3;  

        Cable 2 runs around the outside of the house, re-entering the basement at the opposite end - where it connects to another Holland 2-way splitter.**


From the Second Splitter:

        Cable 1 runs to the STB for our TV2;

        Cable 2 runs to the DVR box, which is connected to our TV1 (the primary tv). 



   RG Out --- <all coax> --> Input  Splitter 1 Output: 1a --> STB for TV3

                                                                         \   Output 1b ----> Input Splitter 2 Output 2a --> STB for TV2

                                                                                                                                  \ Output 2b ---> DVR Box (TV1)


    Essentially then: should we move the DVR to the "TV3" location, with its shorter cable run & fewer connections (plus one less split), even though MOST  DVR viewing will take place on TV1, with nearly all of the remainder being viewed on TV2 - ??


      Are we likely to gain enough DVR PQ by placing the DVR box closer to the RG to offset any loss due to the longer run to TVs 1 & 2?



    Question arises as we have recently (past 10 - 14 days) experienced multiple PQ issues with Uverse, including recorded programs. Passed this off as due to the extreme heat for a while, but found out today that TWO of our three STBs had lost their connection altogether.


    The two that went down were for TV2 and TV1 - that is, both units running off the second splitter.


** This second Holland splitter appears to have failed, and now have a RS splitter (rated to only 1100MHz) in its place until a replacement for the Holland is delivered.  ALAS, installing the RS splitter has only revived ONE of the STBs (fortunately the DVR box).


    Was somewhat SURPRISED when AT&T Tech Svc said told me that "We do NOT replace splitters any more" -  as both of the Hollands were put in place by a AT&T premise tech after WHDVR service hit our area. 




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Re: DVR Location with Coax Install

Hmm: at an "idle" - that is, with no active TV streams - the "PHY Rate" for all connections = 112, with the EXCEPTION of the connection between the STB for TV2 and the DVR Box (TV1 - from my earlier post).

The link between those 2 sets falls to 80, in either direction.


Of course, these are both running through an "out of spec" splitter (new Holland is due tomorrow), so that may factor in - but yet, as implied above, the connection between either of these two and the remaining STB & RG still scores 112.


In any event, have gone ahead & moved the DVR unit so that it is connected to TV3 - which gives it the most direct run back to the RG.  TV3 is also the LEAST used set in the house.


Also, and even though we have a "lesser" splitter in the run now, the amount of pixellation & freezing we have been experiencing on the main TV (TV1), AND on recorded shows, has been significantly reduced. 

Shows recorded Sunday evening (Walking Dead) and Monday evening (Eureka) were almost unwatchable - but those recorded Tues evening (Letterman & Leno - so simultaneous recordings), and WITH another HD channel in use (ABC Late Night News), appeared fine (although did watch either all the way through).


And the Tues evening recordings were done BEFORE moving the DVR. 


Seems to lend credence to the assumption that the Holland splitter has gone bad.  A replacement is due tomorrow, & will be interesting to see whether that improves the PHY Rate between the two sets on the longer run or not....

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: DVR Location with Coax Install

One-sided "conversation," but in case it helps someone down the road:


Put a new Holland splitter in place today, and HPNA Network Performance now shows 112 Mbps across the board - the "80s" have been vanquished.


The splitter that failed was installed after WHDVR service began, so these things apparently have a Limited Life Span.


OH: Uverse PQ has been much improved since removing the failed splitter: no more freezes or pixelization on either live tv or recordings.  Moving the DVR to a little-used location may also be helping here - but, at least, that move certainly does not appear to be doing any Harm!



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Re: DVR Location with Coax Install

Dierkdk - Glad your service is back where it belongs. where did you get the Holland splitter?
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Re: DVR Location with Coax Install

@aviewer wrote:
Dierkdk - Glad your service is back where it belongs. where did you get the Holland splitter?


From Amazon - or, more specifically, from some 3rd Party Seller operating through Amazon.


Packing list says "Sold by VW, Inc" (!) - but I don't think that that is the same company that sells Automobiles....


Price was under $7, and qualified for Amazon Prime - so must have been "Fulfilled by Amazon." 

Ordered Monday, received Wednesday, with no charge for shipping: Hard to complain!


Could NOT find the part on AT&T website, nor Radio Shack, nor any of the other stores whose website I checked.

Even visited the HPNA organizational website: they list 3 manufacturers of acceptable splitters. The Holland part on Amazon was the first that I managed to find....



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