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DVR Hard Drive?


DVR Hard Drive?

Currently I have a Scientific Atlanta (Cisco) IPN4320.


When playing back recorded programming pixelation will occur as well as frame freeze for many seconds. Every time the DVR recovers but minutes of recording can be lost. This ONLY occurs during playback not live.


I believe the hard drive may be going bad.


I would hope to convince ATT to replace the DVR but would rather not get someone else's problems with a refurbished DVR. 


1. Is there any way to test hard drive?

2. Is there any way to ensure a new DVR should ATT replace?

3. Is there any newer DVR other than the IPN4320?



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Re: DVR Hard Drive?

1. There is no way to test the hard drive.

2. If a technician comes to your house to replace the unit, you can ask him to see if he has a new unit available instead of a refurbished/redeployed unit. A new unit would be most likely to be available if you have an early morning appointment, as the tech may have a new unit on the truck at that time. Appointments later in the day may leave him with fewer choices for what equipment to use.

3. Yes, the Cisco ISB7500 (or Motorola VIP2250) are generation-2 DVR units that have larger hard drives, a faster processor, and fix various hardware issues including digital audio dropouts and some HDMI handshake problems.
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Re: DVR Hard Drive?



Great news!!!

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