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DVR Does Not Come Up Without Internet Connection


DVR Does Not Come Up Without Internet Connection

Knowing that U-Verse does not allow me to copy off recorded shows to my laptop and the website does not have recently aired shows, I decided to bring my DVR down here to the lake to watch shows I recorded last week over the weekend.  I have done with with both my old Cox DVR and Tivo DVR......but not AT&T U-Verse.  The screen just sits there with the blue AT&T U-Verse boot screen and the spinning circle in the lower right screen.  I am not saying that  would expect the TV broadcast services to work over a different ISP (although it would be great if they would), but I certainly would expect it to work as a DVR to watch previously recorded shows.  Has anyone else tried this?  Did you get the same result as me?  I would think it would just boot, give an error that Internet was not available (as they have probably restricted the device to a certain IP segment/address) but still let me navigate the menu.

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Re: DVR Does Not Come Up Without Internet Connection

SomeJoe7777 wrote:
My flash version is 11.4.402.278 which is the latest. I tried a clean uninstall and reinstall of Flash in accordance with:

I still have nothing.

Still no useful additional info, but I wanted to let you kow I'm still checking into it.


What is your subscription level (if you don't mind telling)?


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Re: DVR Does Not Come Up Without Internet Connection

U200 + HD + HDPT.


Thanks for looking into it.



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Re: DVR Does Not Come Up Without Internet Connection

Not sure what you were looking for but I'm finding mostly current episodes of many of the networks series out there.



One other suggestion for the OP, get a Roku device, it's portable and as long as you have wireless it will work.  Has Hulu+, Netflix and Amazon  Prime as well as many other channels you can add.

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