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Couple questions


Couple questions

Getting a new TV soon and need another set top box. Had a few questions though

I know the STB is around $50 for the hardware and a $7 fee per month for adding a STB (correct me if I'm wrong). We pay for U450 with HD programming. We only have 1 HDTV in our house. That is the TV the main STB is on. The other two are standard def televisions. Do I need a special STB to be able to play HD programming on my new HDTV, or are they all the same? The STB in my room has Hdmi, so I assume it supports HDTV.

As far as adding another room, with this extend my contract?
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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Couple questions

All DVR/STBs are HD-ready.  The boxes will work on SD TVs as well.  Yes, the box will work with your new HDTV.


It is $7/mo. for an additional box.


There are not any other fees that I know of, unless they are charging you for a truck roll? (the $50 equipment fee you mentioned)


I don't think it will extend your contract, but call Sales and make sure.

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Re: Couple questions

Thanks for the response. Technically i am not under contract right now, but I'd rather not put myself into that position if I have to pull out due to the b/w caps. We will have to see where that goes. I have no problem giving ATT my money as long as they arent trying to screw me over.
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Re: Couple questions

You may be able to get a new STB without a truck roll.  I know I recently replaced a bad STB and didn't have to have anyone come out to change it.

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Re: Couple questions

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Re: Couple questions

Let us know the outcome. Smiley Happy

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Re: Couple questions

Sure thing. I'm going to try to pop into the ATT store today.
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