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Re: Connecting Uverse to AVR

Connecting Uverse to AVR

I had Uverse installed this weekend and the technician hooked up the reciver to the TV and got me going. I mentioned that I had a new Pioneer VSX AVR on the way and would like to hookup Uverse to run through the AV Receiver. He mentioned that Uverse would not work and to just use an optical cord for audio through AVR and leave the Uverse hooked directly to the TV.


Will Uverse not work running through an AV Receiver? Not sure why that is.

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Re: Connecting Uverse to AVR

It works just fine.  That is the way I have mine set up.  Most all A/V receivers have multiple HDMI inputs.  Run an HDMI cable from the U-verse receiver to the TV/Cable/Sat (or whatever yours is labeled) input, and then one from the A/V receiver HDMI out to the TV.  Done!!  Works well.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Connecting Uverse to AVR

fijidaniel - Please realize that the techs answer was the "no callback" answer & BeeBee's answer is his personal experience, but the reality for the U-verse universe is somewhere in the middle.

HDMI is a two way connection. The U-verse STB requires that the device it is feeding sends it a signal that it is not a recording device at the right time in the startup sequence. If it does not see this signal it turns off the video. Some people in various situations, including running through an AV have reported this occurring.

One mfgr (not Pioneer) recommended turning on the AV box before the U-verse box. This can be done if necessary & is the solution for some cases.

Yours, most likely, will work fine, as most do. I offer this explanation in the spirit of - Be prepared for the worst & hope for the best.


How you connect it should be based on how you want to use it. If you want to select input via the AV, then all the inputs must run through it. If you just want to use i occasionally, then the second audio connection may be the best choice. In either case you need to consider how to turn it on & off & how & when to mute the TV.

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Re: Connecting Uverse to AVR

I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-60 7.2... I have 1 HDMI cable from the STB to the Pioneer reciever TV imput. Then I have a HDMI cable from Pioneer reciever output to TV HDMI imput... I turn my TV speakers off and listen with my 7.2

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