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Audio delay


Audio delay

I have a uverse STB connected to an Onkyo 709 AVR with an HDMI cable. Whenever I pause, ff or rewind there is a 1-2 second delay before the audio comes on. It also happens on a TV connected via HDMI to a STB as well. Does anyone else experience this?

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Re: Audio delay

browndk26 - There have been a few similar posts. I suggested that it was possible that the receiver was in automatic mode & the time it takes to analyze the signal is noticeable. THe U-verse box does not hold the setting during FF. It should, but does not.

The proposed solution is to set the Onkyo to a specific input to eliminate the analysis required in the auto mode.

I think one of the posters may have replied that it worked. You will have to see if it works for you.
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Re: Audio delay

The Onkyo is always on the same input when watching TV. All my components connect to the AVR and then one HDMI cable runs into the TV. The AVR is set on passthrough. Maybe that has something to do with it. I will check into the auto setting.

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Re: Audio delay

browndk26 - The setting would be on the Onkyo input for U-verse. When U-verse is FF it is not maintaining any audio connection. When play resumes, sound resumes. But, if it is on auto it needs to sample.

If it is a passthrough setting, as opposed to regen, I guess it could be the TV. But, most TVs do not support surround sound. YOu could test by connecting the STB HDMI directly to the TV (replacing the Onkyo connection).


Are you saying it also happens on another TV??  What is make-models of these TVs?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Audio delay

My Onkyo receiver does the same thing (1-2 second delay). If I watch regular t.v. and don't unselect surround sound the delay is 3 seconds. Very annoying since I only power up my a/v during shows/ movies that warrant it.

I have my dvr set up hdmi to t.v. blu-ray hdmi to a/v via pass-through to t.v. and dvr audio optically to a/v. 

The reason I don't do pass-through for the t.v. is becuase I don't always want the a/v powered up. 

The system sounds amazing and recognizes different inputs by selection (i.e. selecting dvr or blu-ray or tuner). It just is was it is and I think it's in the receiver decoding. Good luck.

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Re: Audio delay

nice sharing
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Re: Audio delay

I have had this problem ever since I got a new DVR box from AT&T, but for some reason it doesn't happen with the standard (non-DVR) box on a second TV. (The second box is much older.) The only way I have found to resolve it is by pausing for a second or 2 after a ff or backward.

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Re: Audio delay

Came back to uverse tv and have the same issue. It doesn't happen on our newer Samsung TV. TIme to play with the audio settings again. 

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Re: Audio delay

I have Bose speakers that I use on my Samsung tv, and I have been having this problem for years. I never knew there was a fix for this, and I am not sure I understand how to do the fix.

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