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Arris NVG589 won't recognize Cisco ISB7500 in any ethernet port


Arris NVG589 won't recognize Cisco ISB7500 in any ethernet port

We use our Arris NVG589 gateway for U-verse TV, Internet (both Ethernet and WiFi) and one landline phone. We have an Ethernet line to a Cisco ISB7500 tuner/DVR (the main U-verse box) and another to a WAP transmitter, which provides a wireless link to a second U-verse box on a bedroom TV. Basically, it's the standard U-verse setup as of a few years gone by now.

The NVG589 looks like it's had some kind of Ethernet-related failure. It can only recognize the WAP transmitter in one port (any port). It fails to recognize the ISB7500 tuner/DVR (i.e. no activity light on the port; nothing logged), even when the box is plugged directly into it using a known-good cable, and so the DVR is now telling us that U-verse is not available. It does not recognize any other Ethernet-connect devices either, such as a computer or a switch. Worst of all, the red and green internal LED activity lights are glowing faintly, both together, alongside every unused Ethernet port. That is not normal.

The web interface to the box shows no errors logged (or any awareness that anything is wrong). It does log activity for the WAP transmitter as usual, but nothing for anything else plugged in. Multiple box resets have achieved nothing. WiFi service is normal. Landline phone service is normal. This looks an awful lot like a hardware failure, but before I spend time on the phone seeking a replacement NVG589 to be sent out, I thought I'd check here. Thanks for any suggestions...

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Re: Arris NVG589 won't recognize Cisco ISB7500 in any ethernet port

Aaargh... Okay, we've had a breakthrough, and I was barking up the wrong tree. The Cisco DVR is the dead component, at least as far as its network connectivity.


Although I had tried plugging the main Cisco box directly into the Arris router in the same room (and verified that they couldn't see each other even without the house Ethernet in between), I didn't try any other known-good device in the Arris. When I finally thought to try plugging a working laptop directly into one port of the Arris, it lit right up.


The WAP transmitter to the wireless Cisco box for the upstairs TV had been working all along, so I brought the transmitter and wireless box downstairs, plugged the transmitter into the DVR's Ethernet wall outlet, and everything fired right up. It's the DVR that has lost its Network connectivity.


Do I have any troubleshooting options that might get its Network connection working again? It has no wireless capability, does it? Without the main box in the network, we are not only missing our recordings but also the sliding-window pause/record capability. I assume that if we can't restore a link to it, its recordings will be irretrievable.

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Re: Arris NVG589 won't recognize Cisco ISB7500 in any ethernet port

You are overthinking this!  Simple answer:  Equipment dies and must be replaced.  Sounds like the DVR has died. 


Yes, the DVR must be hardwired to the RG (if I'm understanding your question).  Set Top Boxes (non-DVR) can be wireless but not the DVR itself.


Yes, you will lose your recordings if you replace the DVR but again, equipment dies so recordings should be considered temporary not eternal.  Good news: your scheduling of recordings stay intact.


Call CS for a replacement DVR if you are sure that's the issue.  One will be sent for a self install.  You have 21 days to return the bad one.  Details HERE

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Re: Arris NVG589 won't recognize Cisco ISB7500 in any ethernet port

> You are overthinking this!


I prefer to think of it as underdiagnosing, but, yeah... Smiley Happy I almost had it nailed on the first go-round of testing, except I was so utterly convinced that it was the gateway's fault when it wasn't.


This would not be the first DVR of ours that's died & taken its recordings with it (we went through two DirecTV DVRs before going to U-verse around 2012 or so), but in this case it's annoying because it seems to still be fully functional, except for its networking. It'll go through a reset just fine and do all the usual bootup display, but then announce at the end that U-verse service is not available and that we should try again later. Calling CS shortly. 

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