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ATT U-Verse major limitations


ATT U-Verse major limitations

We just subscribed to AT&T U-Verse two weeks ago. This report comes to you 2-1/2 years after your disappointing experience. We too have multiple daily tv viewers. We all record in SD so that we don't run out of space. It looks like space will not be an issue. However,  we also did not understand the limitations of this system when we signed on. Does four streams mean, only four things can go on at any one time? If so, why are we renting 7 boxes? We have six adults living here and they all want to record and watch television. Now we're told that we can piggyback onto another tv watching live tv or watch something that is recording. How do you find out what is recording or what someone else is watching if AT&T only lets you choose from watching a recording or interrupting another tv? We don't know who we're interrupting. It's causing mass confusion and anger around here. I would like for someone to clearly explain what the magic combination is. Can we have two SD recordings, watch live television on two sets and watch recordings in other rooms? We don't know. When we call tech support, they don't seem to know anything other than the fact that they only provide four live steams to each residence. This has been repeated to us more than once, but they don't explain what that means. Why can't we watch recorded shows everywhere at the same time if we have a "whole home dvr"? If shows are recorded on a hard drive, we should be able to view them anywhere, anytime, but that's just not the case. When the representative came here, he clearly knew that we had 7 televisions and 6 adults. It shouldn't have been hard for him to see that we were going to run into trouble right away, since he should understand the limitations of the system he was selling us. AT&T should tell people who have more than three televisions and who want to record shows that they are going to have conflicts. It's madness around here. I blame myself because I ordered AT&T U-Verse because of recommendations from family and friends and the fact that it would be cheaper. I did not however do my homework. Our situation is not the same as the typical household. We should have stayed with Cox even though they have gotten outrageous in price. We could only afford to have two dvrs and one box in our house, which meant we had to share tvs and coordinate in order to watch the show everyone records. I never dreamed that AT&T would cause more problems than they solved for us. Often, two or more family members can't watch tv from 7:00 pm to midnight. That's when we are all home! I hate to switch back to Cox, but at least we could watch tv in every room, even if it wasn't recorded shows or we didn't have access to expanded cable because there was no box. At least everyone could watch television. I called AT&T to ask if we could expand our package to include more streams, and I was told no. It's amazing this enormous company hasn't figured out how to provide customers with services that fit individual needs.

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Re: ATT U-Verse major limitations

Coopster - It is difficult to find out all the limitations. I can only give you a pointer on your items 3 &4.

You are using the regular menu for favorites??

You can use the enter button to improve efficiency, somewhat.

You can use number entry to get to a channel. Enter - OK adds channel to favorites.

Enter - down arrow - OK brings up favorites guide.
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Re: ATT U-Verse major limitations

That's ok, when I was first installed at my new house I had the 3HD/4SD profile and the tech had never seen that one before.  Too bad an update removed it.  With a family who doesn't care about HD, having the extra SD streams was a blessing when recording mulitple shows at the same time. Not once did we get all streams are in use message.

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Re: ATT U-Verse major limitations

I truly hope AT&T will upgrade the streams. I have the 0SD/4HD WAN and 1SD/3HD Ingress and that's horrible for my household. We have 3 receivers in use and if there are 2 recordings go on at the same time, someone is not going to be able to watch what they want if some or all of us are not watching the recordings. Sometimes can't even watch a SD channel. My family needs it where we can have 3 recordings and watch 3 different channels at the same time.

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