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60 minute buffer on DVR not very useful


60 minute buffer on DVR not very useful

AT&T just sent me a postcard about the new Total Home DVR features, described at


THe postcard says: "60-minute buffer allows you to capture a full recording of a show in progress from any receiver."


However, this didn't work for me yesterday.  The show was only recorded from the point I pressed the record button.  So when I looked at the above link, it has an additional qualifying restriction:


Start a recording from the beginning of show with the Buffer for up to an hour on 3 non-DVR receivers. Same as DVR it needs to be tuned to channel from the start of the show and it's inside the hour window."


This is too bad for channel surfers like me.  I usually come into a show in the middle, so I was hoping this would be an easy way to catch the beginning.  Comcast has had this feature for several years.  Oh well.

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Re: 60 minute buffer on DVR not very useful

Some DVR's buffer the last channel you tuned away from if it's not recording something using that tuner. No DVR system buffers channels in excess of its recording capacity, and has to manage what it buffers.  Currently the U-verse DVR buffers whatever live streams (up to the max of 3 HD, or four total) that are coming into the house.


I don't think you've thought this through.  Do you expect the DVR to continuously buffer every channel (or even every channel on your favorites list) in the expectation that you might tune to it and hit record?  How do you think this plays into the Ingress profile and the limit of 4 streams into the house?



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Re: 60 minute buffer on DVR not very useful

If the stb wasn't on the channel at the beginning of the broadcast then the program will not be recorded from the beginning. 

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Re: 60 minute buffer on DVR not very useful

Sae problem here.  Say,f or example, you notice a show you want to record, and the show already began, but it's 6:10. You hit "record" and *maybe* it will bring it back to 6:05, but no earler.


ATT tech support has no idea what I am talking about.. then again, I called Advanced Tech Support during the weekend. Waste of time.  I just hang up on foreigners now and remember to call during the week.

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Re: 60 minute buffer on DVR not very useful

What's an stb?
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Re: 60 minute buffer on DVR not very useful - got the answer!

Found an ACmerican tech - Level 2.  His explanation makes sense.


Say it's 6:00 PM and you;ve been watching a show - not recording t.  Now it's 6:30 and you say, "I bet my wife would want to see this but she's not home now."


Even though it's 6:30, once you hit "record," it will start the recording from as far back as one hour - depending on the oriiginal start of the show.


Bottom line:  You can't find something in the Guide, say, at 6:10 PM, and say "I want to record that, but from the beginning."  However, if you had started to watch it, say at 6:00, and decided to record it at 6:30, you;d be okay and that buffer would work for you.


Hope that helps.

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Re: 60 minute buffer on DVR not very useful

shel777 wrote:
What's an stb?

If the tech didn't tell you it is Set Top Box.

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Re: 60 minute buffer on DVR not very useful

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