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Weather on demand


Weather on demand

How often is the data on the Weather on demand channel updated, is it real time or periodically updated?  Are the current conditions in real time?  It seems like the Radar and Satellite videos don't change for at least and hour.  When there is bad weather in the area that is not sufficient.

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Re: Weather on demand

Accuweather updates temp/conditions every hour just like on their website, but radar is updated every 15 mins if you play it in motion.  The static picture is not always the current conditions, it will be after the motion stops.


For bad weather, try a local channel, most areas cover things very good in bad weather.  Also can use to possibly drill down to the metro area that we can do here in metro Detroit and many other areas around the country. Smiley Wink


An example:



Please NO SD stretch-o-vision or 480 SD HD Channels
Need Help? 1-800-288-2020, After he gets acct info, press # a bunch of times, get a menu from Mr. Voice recognition
Your Results May Vary, In My Humble Opinion
I Call It Like I See It, Simply a U-verse user, nothing more

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Re: Weather on demand

Really miss the weather radar feature to bad they are getting rid of uverse.

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Re: Weather on demand

I agree, the weather channel leaves a lot to be desired.

I don't think Uverse is going away.  It is just not being advertised.  They are pushing for customers to take Direct TV.

Who wants a dish?

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Re: Weather on demand

It seems they keep taking things away from U-verse now my android U-verse application will not connect to the receivers. Also while trying to get rid of my 10 year old set top box vip 1200 moto box and exchange it for a new wireless box they sent me another 10 year old vip 1200 moto box and also sent me a brand new 2017 wireless set top box show manufacture date of 11 Oct on it. Now I have 5 boxes so I am going to send back the vip1200 moto box that they keep sending me. They charge me 49 dollars to activate fifth box which I only wanted to exchange one box. Now i pay charged 10 dollars more for extra box which I just sent back. Seems to be a language problem. 

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Re: Weather on demand

They have been getting rid of the interactive applications like facebook the u-bar weather radar for local area application etc

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