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Watch ESPN App Issue - "User Not Authorized" Error


Watch ESPN App Issue - "User Not Authorized" Error

I'm a U-200 subscriber, I get all of the ESPN channels on u-verse.  I recently moved to Kansas City from Chicago, and since the move I haven't been able to access Watch ESPN online.  I've tried from my laptop, phone and two different tablets.  I just get the User Not Authorized error.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  I don't have time to spend an hour on hold waiting for tech support.

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Re: watch ESPN app not working with ATT

NONE OF THE ABOVE WORK. ATT has had this problem for years. When speaking to their help department, the fix was..."If you get television service with us then the app will work".....EXCELLENT. So, you mean all I need to do is pay for television service, which negates the need for the app. Thanks a pantload. While you're at it, can you email me a temporary password so I can get into my email account that I'm locked out of because I forgot the password? Thaaaaanks.

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Re: watch ESPN app not working with ATT

@joshuapepe   Did you try this one that seems to work:




The one that fixed @Traduce's problem above yours. Smiley Surprised



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Re: Watch ESPN - User not authorized error

Can not get watch espn.lost 10 days ago
Do not know how to get it bsck..get message error? Can I get beck
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Re: Watch ESPN App Issue - "User Not Authorized" Error

I have bravo app  all of a sudden it won’t let me watch any reality TV housewives Vanderpump rules dirty John it’s giving me the same error anyone  having the same issues for bravo 

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Re: Watch ESPN App Issue - "User Not Authorized" Error

Finally solved this. Discovered this completely by accident after spending two hours trying to figure it out.


For AT&T U-Verse- you have to create a special ID to access website like ESPN and HBOGo. 


So log into AT&Ts website go to: Profile--> Account Users-->Member ID or AT&T E-mail  and Select "Register for a member id".

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