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Uverse App log in fail


Uverse App log in fail

The att uverse app will not let me log in. I've tried using my email and member id and neither will work. I've also tried re-installing the app, changing my ID, and changing my password and it still tells me that my credentials are invalid or that i need to use my member id (but when i do it says my log in is invalid). I can log into my att account online, but the app wont work, help!

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‎06-22-2018 8:51 AM

Re: Uverse App log in fail

Hello @saschreib,


It will be my pleasure to guide you to where you will need to go for U-Verse app troubleshooting! We have a great forum post with troubleshooting steps for U-Verse app login problems. I recommend taking a gander through it!


Have a fabulous day!


Katie, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Uverse App log in fail

I am really frustrated with the Uverse app, and with the AT&T web site in general.


The login ID issues are endless, particularly the ambiguity between the DirecTV account and AT&T account.  The solution suggested is to clear all cookies, really?  Why should I flush information from myriad web sites to address an AT&T snafu?


Then there eres are infinite login loops.  Some results from searches indicate “requires login”. But I am logged on already!   I press the link anyway and it takes me back to the original login screen, I again enter my I’d and password and end up where I started.  Can’t possibly get to the answer of the question that “requires login”.  


The web site is frustratingly slow, with endless sliding image loads and that annoying spinning wheel


And the Uverse application in particular....   it does not accept my login and password even after I have confirmed my login (forgot login link) and reset my password (forgot password link).  “Please log in with your Uverse member I’d”, but I have used exactly what I was instructed to use!


And I fear after having typed all this it will end up in /dev/null or some infinite loop again





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Re: Uverse App log in fail

I’m having the same issue. I’m a brand new U-verse customer and thus really irritates me.  

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Re: Uverse App log in fail

Go into your device settings and then to apps.  Scroll down to your Uverse app and you will see a  option to clear catche.  Clear the catche and try signing in again.  That will not clear your cookies but only the cookies and settings for Uverse.

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Re: Uverse App log in fail

Same issue here. I'm a new AT&T customer since two months and the login to U-verse isn't working. It's clearly an AT&T issue. Should have stayed with spectrum. Forum post and customer service aren't helpful at all.

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