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U-verse online error message


U-verse online error message

When I try to watch U-verse online, I often get an error message that says,


"Oops... An error has occurred

We apologize for the inconvenience. If the problem persists
please visit our AT&T U-verse Support page for further troubleshooting.
Details: An error occurred trying to play the video.Try Again  Error Code: 3.8"


I've talked to tech support and they say it's a flash player issue, but mine is up to date.  It seems to happen on certain networks and not others.  I can't watch Spike, Showtime, Starz, WE to name a few, but can watch HBO, Fox, and ABC.  I have access to all of these channels on my TV, but keep running into this error code on my computer.  Anyone else having the same problem or have any better trouble shooting ideas than AT&T telephone support? 


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Re: U-verse online error message

GRRRR!!! I'm glad it's not just me having this problem. When I talk to support, I feel like they think I'm making this up. I don't understand. I've tried EVERYTHING!!! I've tired of un/ reinstalling everything that is not helping.  

  Please find the root cause and fix it. It's odd I some movies/shows work fine while other give me that stupid error 3.8...............

If there is something I'm not doing right, Please let me know.

   Does anyone else have blank tiles? Some tiles show and some are white and you have to hover over to see what movie it is.

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Re: U-verse online error message

It may depend on what region of the country you are in.    I am using FireFox and the site is working ok here in SE Michigan.  Hopefully the issue will get resolved quickly.

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Re: U-verse online error message

Hi I was having this problem too and getting this error whenever I tried to watch videos on uverseonline, what I found fixed my problem is disabling my adblock plus on my firefox and chrome, after I disabled it I stopped getting the error code 3.8 I hope that helps!

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Re: U-verse online error message

Were you able to assist nh_0402 with the Error 3.8 message? I ask becuase I have the same issue and would like a resolution.  I have tried the other suggestions, but they have not worked.

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Community Support

Re: U-verse online error message

Hi Visitor01,


I am not sure what was causing nh_0402's issue, but here are some things that were done to fix others accounts

  1. Reinstall Java and Microsoft Silverlight
  2. Disable all your firewalls (including Windows) to see if it was a firewall issue
  3. Make sure you are directly connected to the U-verse router when testing
  4. Make sure you are signing in with your primary ID.

Also, here is an article that goes over the error codes a little more in detail.


Hope one of these helps resolve your issue. Let us know how it goes.


-David T

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Re: U-verse online error message



I had the same problem on Chrome where suddenly movies from Showtime and Cinemax would error out on loading with error code 5. Deleting the browser cache had no effect, however, IE8 continued to work and I never removed or changed Silverlight. It seemed to happen after Sockwave player was upgraded but I'm not 100% sure. I removed (deleted) Adobe Sockwave and ActiveX and reinstaalled Sockwave. There was no change. 


I removed CHROME and downloaded a new installed. I can now watch these movies on Chrome. WARNING, you will lose all of your bookmarks. You must used google sync feature or save the bookmark file into another non Chrome directory before removing chrome. 


Here is how to find the bookmark file. You can skip step 1.


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Re: U-verse online error message

Disabling adblock "For this page only" did the trick for me. Thanks.

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Error code 5 when trying to use Uverse to watch TV online

I can use my desktop computer and watch all of the live and recorded shows on Uverse. This is not true of my laptop. I can see some of the programs but not most of them. If I try to load a show (CNN live for instance) I get an "OOPS....we could not load your video, please clear your browser cache and try again....Errror code 5". This happens on CNN, ABC, Starz, Showtime etc etc. How do I enable my laptop to do the same thing my desktop does?

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ACE - Expert

Re: Error code 5 when trying to use Uverse to watch TV online

thetinpusher - You are talking Yes? Where live and on-demand (not recorded) shows are available?

You can try the different browsers.. You can clear the caches, cookies & whatever builds up while surfing. Maybe run a tool to make sure the computer is running at it's best. Sorry, I cannot suggest one.

How old is the computer? Video needs lots of speed and memory. Is the desktop wired and the laptop wi-fi? Try it wired.
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Re: Error code 5 when trying to use Uverse to watch TV online

Yes it is on and it is a mix of live tv and recorded episodes. I can get some of the channels, but not all that I should. I am using both IE11 and google chrome (an up to date version, I have cleared the caches of both dozens of times, my computer was just cleaned by ATT Connect-Tech and the computer is a 1 year old HP Pavillion G7 that handles video just fine when the content is put into it....
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Re: U-verse online error message

Hello, I am having the same error with BBC America but Silverlight is updated and I do not have ad block.  Can anyone tell me what player does BBC America use?

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Re: U-verse online error message

I just finally got around to trying uverse live over the web ... what a nightmare.


My system:

linux (ubuntu 14.04)

latest silverlight/pipelight installed (netflix works ok)

latest adobe flash available 11.2 I believe

oracle java 7


login is ok click on start a live TV and it authenticates me ok puts up the viewing box and I can see the Start/Pause button and the ATT spinner on the screen.   After about 4-5 seconds it just displays an error 3.8.


For some absurd reason... ATT has buried those error codes here:


But unfortunately error 3.8 is listed as UNKNOWN ERROR - Requires further investigation on a case by case basis. First point of call, check the browser's javascript/error console for further details.    Uninstall Microsoft Silverlight and reinstall.


So I uninstalled silverlight/pipelight and reinstalled.   Same error.   As a former programmer I'm puzzled that ATT can detect the error and fail on it but can't tell what it is???


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Re: U-verse online error message

some channels work and it appears the ones that don't may have a license/DRM problem/bug that is causing the Error 3.8 to occur on the  end-user pc/laptops.



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ACE - Master

Re: U-verse online error message

I know back around the time that this thread originally started, I was having issues with watching Netflix on my Mac. It turned out that the newest Silverlight version caused an incompatibility for me. To resolve the problems I was having watching Netflix, I had to remove Silverlight, and re-install an older version.

Since that time for me, a newer Silverlight update fixed the problem in Firefox, but it persisted in Chrome. It is possible that your problem is related to an update to something like Flash or Silverlight which might have recently been installed on your computer.

As a software developer, I'm sure you can fully understand how you can detect an error with an external application that you interact with. I'm also sure that you can understand that the external application may have been updated and now returns an error that wasn't known or documented at the time your application was released. How would you catch that external error and report it to your users? Now you understand how AT&T can detect the error but not know what it is to report you exactly how to fix it.

Jerry B.


For additional help, please send a PM to ATTCustomerCare.
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Re: U-verse online error message

understand what you are saying.

my netflix works fine using silverlight/pipelight, same java 7, same
browsers and Netflix uses DRM.

Since I started working on this last night I've read hundreds of messages
by people having this 3.8 error... I just don't see why someone at ATT
isn't more curious about the cause(s) so it doesn't have to be listed as
"unknown". Even if they had multiple possibilities they could just list
them so people could check whether they'd thought of them all or not.
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