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Re: http://uverse.com/uv/guide

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Streaming, guide info and DVR management no longer available via website

Streaming is available on the U-verse app for iOS, Android and Amazon devices.  Watch your favorite shows virtually anywhere, anytime, manage your DVR and use the app  as a remote control.* More info

*Requires qualifying device and data connection.  Access to content varies by device, TV plan, and viewing location.  Data charges my apply.


Download the U-verse app today for your iOS, Android or Amazon devices.   

IOS (iTunes App Store)

Android (Google Play)

Amazon Fire tablet (Amazon App Store)

Amazon Fire TV (Amazon App Store)


Just sign in with your U-verse account credentials and start streaming!  Don't have a myAT&T sign in? Register today.


Channel Guide information can be found on the app as well.


AT&T wireless postpaid customers can stream data free TV with the U-verse App. Get details about streaming TV on your devices using the app. Find out more about data free streaming on our support site.


DATA FREE TV: Residential U-verse TV customers and select wireless customers only. Available only in the U.S. (excludes Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands). Streaming does not count against your data allotments. Exclusions:  App download may incur data usage/charges. Advertisements and non-streaming app activity may incur data usage. Not available on streaming through  select connected vehicles, prepaid, or to corporate responsibility users lines with a custom access point name.  Eligible Wireless: Requires postpaid data service on eligible device. Must not have data block on line.  AT&T wireless usage subject to AT&T’ service terms, conditions, restrictions, and network management practices, including speed reduction. Streaming may not work at reduced speeds. Eligible U-verse:  Content may vary by TV package and viewing location.  All functions and programming subject to change at any time. Offer subject to change and may be discontinued at any time. Click here for a list of eligible devices (sold separately).


David, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: http://uverse.com/uv/guide

Very well said.  Although, like with all the other comments, yours too will fall on deaf ears.

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Re: http://uverse.com/uv/guide

You may be right, but I cannot leave these this unsaid.
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Re: http://uverse.com/uv/guide

Well said. Unfortunately the only way to be heard now, is to switch carriers. It has been too long that we to be held hostage, paying for a service that was taken from us. As another comment falls on deaf ears.

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Re: Streaming via browser will no longer be available after October

It is absurd they took away the ability to stream over laptop. I' a very angry customer. I don't have or want a tablet and don't watch shows on my phone. I'm going to switch back to Xfinity.

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Re: Streaming via browser will no longer be available after October

It would seem they'd rather sell AT&T Unlimited subscriptions for streaming than allow streaming from a web page, or for some reason allow setting's one DVR via a web page.  I understand it's a business move, but if it angers a lot of customers and loses you business, is it a good move?  I don't care so much for the streaming, but I did use the DVR functionality regularly.  Port the UVerse Android app over the Windows 10, or a least put the DVR management features back up on a website.  People with *any* version of Windows will appreciate that.  We don't all have tablets, after all, or want to watch movies on our phones, which, guess what, might not be Apple or Android (You DO remember happily selling me 3 different Windows phones, don't you AT&T?)


As much as it pains my, I've been looking at Xfinity.  I'm not going to DirectV as it seems like a downgrade in terms of reliability.  Several friends have it, and report a lot of weather-related issues.  To be fair, Dish Network users tell me the same thing.  My UVerse has only gone out once in 7 years due to weather, and that was a direct lightning strike that took out the gateway.

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Re: Streaming via browser will no longer be available after October

Correct. Plus I don't care being lied to. I contacted them about it and was told by two different people it was temporary.

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Re: Streaming via browser will no longer be available after October

So, another month goes by, and still no progress.  Could we just get a Windows UWP app that does what the iOS and Android app does?  I mean, it's not like you guys don't know how to write Windows apps.  You've got "myATT" for Windows that allows us to pay our bill.  Funny, you want to insure we can pay our bill, but don't care if we are able to make full use of the service.


Reminds me of an old joke from Laugh-In.  "We're the phone company.  We don't care.  We don't have to."

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