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Premium channel apps not working

Premium channel apps not working

I am EXTREMELY frustrated  I got u-300 for the movie channels and added HBO. I want to be able to use the apps such as HBOGO and SHOWTIME ANYTIME. But everytime I try I get the error message saying your Uverse subscription does not have this movie channel. I've called and talk to technical support and they have me try a bunch of things and then they said well Uverse isn't really compatible with those apps so you can just watch it off the U-verse app. If Uverse is not compatible with those apps why did you have me try a bunch of different things to log into those apps?! Clearly somebody just doesn't want to do their job. I don't want to watch the content off the U-verse app because the U-verse app doesn't have all of the content that the apps such as HBO Go and Showtime Anytime have. And on-demand doesn't have all of the content that those apps have either. I'm very frustrated I want to cancel my service because of this among other things that have happened that nobody wants to help me with. Please find a solution I would very much appreciate it.

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Re: Premium channel apps not working


Not able to sign into HBOGO or ESPN? Were you able to before? Having trouble accessing it from your mobile device? How about a tablet or phone? Not to worry!! We have some recommendations that may help! Lafayette, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Premium channel apps not working

What is going on AT&T? Switched to you a week ago from Xfinity. Looks like you get what you pay for.


Never had problems with the former company. Went to you to save some money, and it looks like a big mistake.


People have been complaining about this problem for months and all we read is that it will be corrected ASAP. 

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Re: Premium channel apps not working

Miraculously, using the same login information as I had tried NUMEROUS times before writing this, I decided to try one more time a couple of days after writing this and they work now. 🤔

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Re: Premium channel apps not working

After reading the above post I tried to access the Showtime and Watch ESPN apps, and I still get that I am not authorized.


i have U300, but everything I read said that I have authorization to access these networks.


Guess I will wait a few days or months!

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