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HBO Go login

HBO Go login

I have been trying to log into HBO Go, but I keep getting a message telling me my subscription does not include HBO Go, which it most definitely does. I have found a few people on here who have had the same problem in the past, but no answers. It does it on both my PC and my Android tablet. Any thoughts?

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Re: HBO Go login

It's failing for me with the same error message, on both my phone and my PC. And I also definitely have HBO.


This is definitely either an HBO GO issue or a Uverse issue (my guess is the latter).

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Re: HBO Go login

Make sure your using your MAIN username and password. Im sure someone else will chime in to help....

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Re: HBO Go login

Hi @sundance1028 


Just checking up on your post. Are you still having issues logging into HBO Go? Just to make sure, HBO Go requires the same email login that you use to view for email, for account info,, etc.

If you still need help with this issue, feel free to respond to the Private Message that I sent to your inbox and we will move forward from there. Thank you! Smiley Happy

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Re: HBO Go login



I feel like i am at the end of my rope.  I switched to Uverse last week and have had nothing but problems with the various Apps since then.  My TV service is good, My internet is good (now that they replaced the outside line) but I can't log into any of the Apps.  


I can't log into the At&T U-verse App, HBO Go, or Cinemax Go.  I am a subscriber of all of them, in fact I have the big U450 plan, so I have all of the movie channels.  This is all on an Ipad, "new Ipad" or 4th generation.  Running the latest IOS and all updates.  


I have spent hours on the phone with tech support, but no resolution.  I get the response that the programmers are working on it and there is no estimated date they will have it fixed.  Is it just new members or something?


I can't seem to find other people having the same problem as me....

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Re: HBO Go login

I'm having the same issue today.  It was working fine on Sunday, but now I keep getting the message that I'm not subscribed to HBO. 

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Re: HBO Go login

I am also haveing trouble accessing HBO Go right now, error says "It appears that your AT&T U-verse subscription does not include HBO."  however I do have a subscrption and was in fact using it and watching yesterday.


This issue has happened multiple times in the past where I had to re "activate" my access, but this is the first time it it has refused to activate and say I do not have a subscription.  This is becoming very annoyng - please resolve this issue ASAP.

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Re: HBO Go login

I've just spent an hour on the phone and they can't get me logged on to HBO Go.  I think our best solution is to ditch ATT.

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Re: HBO Go login

Same problem here, except that I was dumb enough to waste an hour of my time on the phone with "customer service" technicians who couldn't figure out how to fix it.  No wonder so many people stream shows illegally. 

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Re: HBO Go login

I've been having almost the same issue for a few days. I can log onto HBO GO on my laptop, using my U-verse connection, but when I try MAX Go it tells me I'm not subscribed to Cinemax. Of course I am, HBO & Cinemax come together. My boyfriend is out of town, so I had him check. Again using the primary AT&T email, etc. and both tell him that we don't subscribe to the channel. It'd be nice to know if this was an issue on U-verse or HBO/Cinemax Go's end and maybe that it was being looked into by someone.

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Re: HBO Go login

Same problem here, i have u450 and i most definatly have hbo go. I can log into my laptop but not on my samsung smart tv. u used to be able too.

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Re: HBO Go login

Well, HBO Go appears to error out for me on my iPad, but if I just hit okay or whatever, it brings me to the series menu and I can still watch. However, I have never been able to get the HBO On Demand to work. Which makes watching things rather frustrating since there is zero reason I should have to watch shows on my iPad when I have a tv with HBO On Demand supposely available on it less than 10 feet away. 


I'm not entirely sure this is an AT&T issue, though. I switched from Time Warner and I had far worse problems accessing HBO's services through them. Believe me. 

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Re: HBO Go login

No go for two days on my tablet and smartphone on HBO GO. Works on computer though...

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Re: HBO Go login

I have the same problem and here is what I found and hope it helps ATT resolve this problem....


When trying to access HBOGO using my ATT account I received the following error trying to log in;
This Page can't be displayed
When trouble shooting this page the following problem was found by Win7 Network Diagnostics;
[resource ( is online but isn't responding to connection attempts.]

When trying to access HBO from ATT Uverse web page at;
I received an error trying to connect also...
[The iFrame never responded with a successful login, or it did but we don't have an auth cookie.]
Looks like an ATT problem at this point..  Not HBO..

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Re: HBO Go login

I'm having the same problem. When I try to sign in via, the tab title at this url reads "Access rights validated", but nothing loads for a minute or so:


Then I get "This webpage is not available" at:


I'm also getting "The iFrame never responded with a successful login, or it did but we don't have an auth cookie" at:

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