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Digital Life experiences?


Digital Life experiences?



I just signed up today for Digital Life through Best Buy because they had a nice promo with ATT and I needed home security. My install isn't for another couple weeks however I am reading a few things that are putting me off. I personally would like to hear experiences with DL so far as well as any issues. I signed up for the Smart Security package which is $39.99 a month for two years and includes the following:



-Keychain remote

-Contact Sensors

-Carbon Monoxide sensors

-Indoor Siren


My questions are if anyone has used these components and if so, what is your feedback? I was also hoping to hear about any customer support issues as well. My biggest concern I have is the low chirp volume as well as delay in arming and disarming the system. I also work at Best Buy and would like to inform customers of any potential issues before recommending it to them since we are not on commision and like to give honest feedback. Thanks you for your time!

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Re: Digital Life experiences?

Chirp volume is low, so we have two keypads, one by the garage door. That wa you can definitely hear it beep. Keychain remotes are gimmicky but my wofe like them. Siren and contact are necessary.

We had a CO monitir s decided not to rplace with the AT&T one.


Overall, installation is sub-par at best and customer service border-line appalling. But ignoring the current limitations of the website, it can be a slick tool.

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Re: Digital Life experiences?

Thanks for the response. I guess best thing to do is wait for install and hope for the best Smiley Happy
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Re: Digital Life experiences?

Who does the install? Best Buy/Geek Squad? Can you install it yourself?


I went to the AT&T Digital Life store on and when you click on "check availability" it goes to a dead link.


Furthermore, when you search "AT&T" on, Digital Life doesn't show up?


Is it still available or just a brief promotion? Maybe it was an employee-only thing?

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Re: Digital Life experiences?

Look here:


You can check availability, etc.


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Re: Digital Life experiences?



NO GEEK SQUAD, thank God!


I had my Digital Life system installed a month ago and although the tech was dressed in AT&T shirt, he said he was a contractor for AT&T. AT&T provides the contractors the truck, tools, equipment to do the job. My installer was extremely knowledgable about the product and performed an excellent installation, especially when running any visible wiring. He was able to conceal the wiring very well. This is something other service providers "does not" do. Trust me, I've had some bad experiences with other cable and sattelite providers. Anyways, hope that answered your question.





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Re: Digital Life experiences?

I had the Smart Security, Camera, and Energy packages installed on 3/13/2014.  I had a pre-existing wired system so I also opted for the takeover module so I could continue using my wired window and door sensors.  I'm pretty familiar with many of the technologies that are used in this system and did a lot of research on various solutions before settling on Digital Life.  AT&T seems to have put a good deal of effort in creating an install process that's straightforward. I followed the tech around a good deal bugging him with all sorts of tech questions and I have to say he was very knowledgeable and overall did a very good job.  No real complaints about the install.


I have had some system-related issues since the install:


Keypad Volume


The 'beep' volume on the SW_ATT_PAD2W Model Keypad is definitely pathetically low. I have 3 keypads and it's the same for all of them so this is obviously just an unfortunate problem on this particular model keypad.  


Keypad Latency/Delay when Armed-Away


I've noticed a substantial delay with the keypad recognizing that the front door has been opened when the system is set to Armed-Away. This is probably the most annoying and frustrating thing I've encountered with this system because I have to wait 15-20 seconds before the keypad prompts me for my PIN.  I've had a few occasions where I entered the PIN before the prompt and the system got confused.  Considering that my front door sensor is a wired contact that's connected through the AT&T Takeover Module, it's very surpising that there is such a delay. This is a huge potential problem for guests or other users (contractors, house cleaners, etc.) who don't use the system often.  Because the system doesn't immediately start beeping when the door is opened it would be very easy for someone to not realize the system had been armed.  


Program Limitations


One of the things I was really excited about was the "Programs" feature. They do offer some limited functionality but they could do much much more.  For example, you can create programs that run at specific days/times but there is currently no way to schedule a program to run only when the system is in specific state (such as armed-away).  The simplicity of the current options is terrific for basic users but it would be great if AT&T would create an "Advanced" option that would allow for more complex programming.


Finally, AT&T needs to create a dedicated forum on here for us Digital Life users!! Since Digital Life is really it's own product category it should have it's own separate forum category just like Wireless or U-Verse.  I'm sure there are plenty of other DL users whose experiences and suggestions will help AT&T improve the service.  Are you listening, AT&T?? Smiley Happy

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Re: Digital Life experiences?

bengehle wrote:

Finally, AT&T needs to create a dedicated forum on here for us Digital Life users!! Since Digital Life is really it's own product category it should have it's own separate forum category just like Wireless or U-Verse.  I'm sure there are plenty of other DL users whose experiences and suggestions will help AT&T improve the service.  Are you listening, AT&T?? Smiley Happy

Hi Bengehle:
Digital Life is now a part of the AT&T Community Forums!  We are definitely listening!  Smiley Happy I hope you'll find the new forums a great place to share tips and tricks for your Digital Life system!


Thank you for choosing AT&T Digital Life!

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Digital Life experiences?

The alarm is delayed on your front door: your front door is set to give you enough time to enter the premise and put in your code on the keypad before the alarm goes off. This is a feature. *snark*

If you request it they will now add in a secondary beep from the siren - it will give you a bit more volume.

The Programs are sorely lacking (imho) and I have raised issues and requested specific options, but have gotten no response.

We were early adopters and had to work to clear a few things up after the installation. We also went with Outdoor cameras for all of our locations both inside & out as those cameras provide a much clearer image than the indoor cameras.

I have also found that the data management is abhorrent. It is so cumbersome you can spend hours deleting entries if you don't keep up with it. Unfortunately, there is STILL no Select All option (on the ipad app). I am unfamiliar with the app on Android or Windows.

Here is my two cents on the system:

Likes & dislikes of Digital Life System

Alarm Panel: needs to be backlit for in-the-dark use

Indoor cameras -horrible images

Pan & tilt -defaults to highest position - need to be able to set Default Position
Response time is horrible
No infrared on P&T - not stated on website when ordering

Must improve camera image relay response time
We have other non-system cameras running wirelessly that give real-time imaging

Need a 'SELECT ALL' option in Data Management for deletion.

Need Sensitivity settings for video recording - every bug that flies in front of camera creates motion detection

The inactivity timer does not recognize when you are in a chat - even when you select YES

Need to be able to create more/individual variables for Programs

Need to be able to REMOVE email or text for notification in a program

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