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Can I tune into a music channel and watch TV at the same time?


Can I tune into a music channel and watch TV at the same time?

I would like very much to see if it is possible to be able to tune to one of the music channels and listen to music while watching TV on another channel. i.e. I like to watch some sporting  events but not listen to the commentary. It would be great if I could listen to music and watch sports at the same time.


Is this doable?




p.s. I don't believe this is the proper location to communicate this message so if anyone knows where to send this type of request please advise.

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‎10-08-2015 3:24 PM

Re: Suggestion

Hi @gpgj78,


There is not a way to listen to the music channel while tuning to another channel. If you have a spare receiver, you can connect both into the room and tune one to the music channel and have the other for normal TV viewing. You would just have to remove the audio connections from the receiver used for TV viewing and connect the audio connections for the one being used for listening to music. This is probably not very convenient, but is one of the few solutions that comes to mind.



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Re: Suggestion

@gpgj78 - I was going to suggest a second STB. I see that it has been suggested to use one you already have. You can connect the sports TV and another STB together with audio cables & leave them connected because the boxes have multiple audio outputs. You would need to set the sports TV to accept the analog audio, instead of HDMI digital.


If your TV has two screen capability, set one for the game STB & the other for music.


You could get the music from your computer or any other source& inject it to the TV as described above.

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Re: Suggestion

Good info. Thx.

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Re: Suggestion

2 STB's is defintly the only way you might able to do that.  Although attempting to use 2 receivers without both of them reading your remote inputs is going to be a huge pain, you might have to cover one while you change the channel.

And I wouldn't hold my breath of AT&T ever adding a feature like that, it would require a huge rework of how their systems works, and use more bandwidth.  

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Re: Suggestion

Actually, and this is just my opinion, I can't see ANY content provider ever offering that.


Interesting idea though.

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