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how do I connect my sony blu-ray dvd to my stb?


how do I connect my sony blu-ray dvd to my stb?

I want to use my Sony Ble-ray dvd player on the same TV that I watch U-Verse on without using the TV remote to switch the active HDMI input.  How do I do this?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: how do I connect my sony blu-ray dvd to my stb?

remonical - You cannot connect the player to the STB. When connected to the TV it is likely, though not guaranteed, that you can use the U-verse remote to change the HDMI input on the TV.

Press the TV mode button. Then press the tv/video button. If that button does not work you can try all the others.

You can try other TV programming codes to see if it will make the button work.

If you cannot get it to work consider a Logitech Harmony remote.

I have recommended to many people that were unable to find codes to support their devices with the U-verse remote that they get a Logitech Harmony remote.
Many of those people feel they do not want to, or should not have to, spend their own money for a remote.
Others, have a very complex setup and are willing to spend their money to maximize their viewing experience.

The U-verse remote is effective for some subset of basic control functions on the most popular equipment, The Harmony provides full control of complex setups across a broader range of equipment.

Until sometime in 2011 the Harmony only offered expensive models (over $100). In 2011 they introduced the model 300 ($30) followed by the model 200 ($20). These only support one activity (Not many for a Harmony, but same as U-verse) - Watch TV.
This writeup shows that, even though the basic descriptions sound the same, there are functional advantages to the Harmony. The question is - Is it worth spending $$ for the Harmony.

Basic Similarity (Logitech Harmony Model 300 vs. U-verse remote) -
Both can control four devices (STB, TV, DVD, Aux) under one activity - Watch TV.

Logitech Harmony Model 300 advantages -
Must be able to do something no other remote can do to convince you to spend $30 to buy it so Logitech can make a profit.
Monster library of supported devices built on budget for expensive remotes (amazing how libraries grow over the years).

You can predetermine support of make & model via web site (http://myremotesetup.com/EasyZapper/New/Main.asp?WebProcessAction=Start&ReturnUrl=%2FEasyZapper%2F%2...

Since device support is defined in detail, a Logitech customer service rep (CSR) can help with any problems. When anything new comes out it can be added to your existing remote via download.
To program - Enter device make model in computer  based wizard. When device is supported, all functions are supported. IR signals can be learned from device remote.
IR/function/button  map - You can map any button to any function. You can pick buttons based on your preference, instead of someone else's. Logitech can add any new IR code format to function mapping via download. CSR can download changes that affect only you,
Watch TV button - Turns on/off programmed devices. Sets correct input. Ability to sequence devices and introduce delay between devices.
Change from Watch TV mode to individual device control with one button push and vice-versa. Same volume/mute buttons will affect different devices (STB, TV, HT) depending on device selected and the one user selected for the Watch TV activity. Note that the U-verse phantom mute can be un-muted with four logical button pushes - device mode, STB, mute, return to watch TV mode.
Able to buy more advanced remotes for more money - Each step up adds more devices, more activities(e.g. Watch OTA, Watch DVD, Watch TV with HT sound), more display (LCD screen) of functions & recharge-ablity .

Multiple activities appears to be a concept unique to the Logitech Harmony. It allows the same buttons to be programmed to different sets of inputs/functions/devices based on what the viewer is watching (i.e. an activity). The button map is unique to the activity. It can be as similar or different between activities/devices as you need it to be. Each activity has its own start up sequence to power up the selected devices & set inputs needed for continuity. It is especially valuable for complex setups and/or people with only basic knowledge of the operation of the remote.

U-verse remote limitations -
U-verse  remote is provided free to watch U-verse TV. Support for some functions on some other devices is included so that it can be called "universal". But there is no business driver to spend money to assure full support of all functions on all possible devices .
Limited library of supported devices. Vague lists by type/mfgr. No model detail. No definitive/comprehensive list of codes. No "not supported" statement. If support is not accomplished, there is no way to find out if it should be supported until you find that the remote works for you. Since device support is not defined in detail, customer service rep cannot help with problems.
To program- Enter an arbitrary code that may be difficult (or impossible) to determine or step through every possible entry using the search method. Possibly finding some partially supported sets along the way.  No IR learning.
IR/function/button  map - Button/IR map cannot change (need new physical remote). IR/function map can only change if U-verse globally changes STB software. No ability to provide individual tuning.
Watch TV (ATT/power) -  Turns on/off programmed devices. Does not set input. No ability to sequence devices or introduce delay.
Default mode of operation is Watch TV (Channel change on STB, Volume on TV, Power up STB/TV). To vary operation requires reprogramming with more arbitrary codes applied to individual functions. No clear distinction between Watch TV and individual device control (i.e. It is difficult to change operation between Watch TV and controlling individual devices by programming with codes.)

To clear phantom mute - att/ok - 955 - att - enter - mute - att/ok - 955 - tv - enter. 12 button pushes, where two are two finger. If you can remember how to do it.
Point anywhere remote is the only extra cost upgrade - provides RF (with STB pairing) and learning IR.


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Re: how do I connect my sony blu-ray dvd to my stb?

Aviewer, I broke down and got the Harmony 300. The Harmony 300 is the best for someone wanting to replace two or three remotes with a simple remote.

But I still myself, find that I grab the Sony BD remote over using the Harmony, due to there are some functions missing, or when I did add them, I forget which of the extra ten buttons, I placed them.
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Re: how do I connect my sony blu-ray dvd to my stb?

gregzoll_1 - Thanks for letting me know you are somewhat satisfied with the Harmony. I have two more suggestions for you -

We do want the use of the remote to be fast & effortless. That is accomplished ny habit. To change from one habit to the other requires effort. Make the effort to use the Harmony & it will become the habit you want.

Logitech does do good job of assigning the buttons, but maybe some are not for you. Not only can you assign to spare buttons you can assign to buttons already assigned to something else. Of course, that something else either goes away or moves to another button.

This leads us to the need for the more expensive models that support multiple activities. If the buttons you need are the physical control of the BD it is resolved by having two activities -
Watch TV (U-verse)
Watch BD (Sony)

The same arrow/stop butons are used for both cases, but control different devices depending on which activity you initiated.
Since this functionality is not available on other remotes it is not intuitively obvious.
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Re: how do I connect my sony blu-ray dvd to my stb?

gregzoll_1 - Follow up to my last post - So many possibilities to cover - You do not need the extra activities to have different map on the arrow buttons.

When in watch TV mode the buttons would control the DVR . When DVD device is active the buttons would control the Sony. - Switch devices on the Harmony instead of picking up the Sony remote.

I forgot the device selection provides the button remap. You do not really need the multiple activities.

What buttons on the Sony remote are "obscure" on the Harmony.
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Re: how do I connect my sony blu-ray dvd to my stb?

The Return, Display, Options are three, along with the UVerse, Return is one that I may have programmed in, but forgot. There is always of course the two apps for the iPhone, but I am just lazy about picking it up and using, which I should more often.

I got the Harmony 300, so that I could store the remote for our Vizio Soundbar, and use it to control the volume of the Soundbar.
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Re: how do I connect my sony blu-ray dvd to my stb?

gregzoll_1 - Reading your post I am reminded that there was a time when I thought it would be a good idea to have a button on the remote that would trigger any button push to display its function on the display screen (which the 300 does not have.)
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Re: how do I connect my sony blu-ray dvd to my stb?

That would be correct. I just went in and fixed the missing button issue with both the Uverse box & Sony remote, so now I have all functions on it.

The 300 is not a bad little remote for the price point that they have it at.
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Re: how do I connect my sony blu-ray dvd to my stb?

Thank you so much for your thorough response!  U-Verse is going to send me a "black" remote, as the ones I have are "silver," and the technician thought that may solve the problem.  I'll post the results.  If that doesn't work, I'll get that Logitech remote you recommended.  :-)

Thanks again!

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