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Worst U-Verse Customer Service

Worst U-Verse Customer Service

Finally ended my contract after the worst 12 months of my "web" life with Internet speeds of about 5mbps on the average despite the fact that I was paying for 18mbps. So I returned my equipment, called AT&T to make the final adjustment on my account only to find out that I couldn't make an online payment because they cancelled my account. A phone payment entails a $5 surcharge. Next option, the AT&T store because I just want to get this ordeal over with. I have been sitting here for the past 40 minutes because I need to be seen by an agent and I didn't have an appointment. Then a guy comes in wanting to buy a phone charger and he was in and out in 15 minutes. Really??? AT&T is such a nightmare until the very end. Never again!
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Re: Worst U-Verse Customer Service

Uverse is a excellent service.

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Re: Worst U-Verse Customer Service

Hello glendavictoria,


I'm sorry to see you go and I just want to apologize for all the issues you had with your service and a long wait at the store. Most of our stores have a self service payment station, was it not available at your local store? 


Please let us know if you ever need help with anything else and our team will be happy to assist.




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