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Worst Customer Service Experience


Worst Customer Service Experience

Here is what happened when I tried to bundle internet and cell service with at&t:


My partner called sales and got offered a great deal, 18mps internet and 4gigs data cell phone plan for $150 per month.  We jumped on it and signed up.  We were astonished at how awesome of a deal that was! Our package with the equipment didn't arrive the day they said, so we called for an update.  What we found out was HORRIFYING!


The sales representative had immediately cancelled our internet package after getting off the phone with us, and we were on the hook for just the cell phone plan.  Now, $150 for two phones isn't the worst deal in the world, but that was NOT what we agreed to and changing our plan without our consent was incredibly deceitful.  The sales rep straight up LIED to us.  


Thankfully, we caught this and did not activate the phones.  We went and got phones at Verizon instead (experiencing great customer service).


We still wanted AT&T internet though as Time Warner has not ever lived up to their advertized speed, so we called today to relay our experience.  We got through to a supervisor and were told that the instillation fees would be dropped because of what had previously happened.  Then, the supervisor disconnected our call.  


We went online and found a promotion for TV+HBO+internet for cheaper than just internet, and called again so that we could get the instillation fees dropped.  The supervisor was unable to do this and said that nobody in the building was capable of doing that.


We were then disconnected from them again, and returned to a technician who said "it looks like they've disconnected you again." 


In all we've been beyond patient, very persistant in just trying to get what was promised to us by sales reps and supervisors, and have been hung up on multiple times.


This whole thing is unbelievable and shameful.

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Re: Worst Customer Service Experience


Hello @chobbs47 


I apologize for the late reply. And I'm sorry for all the issues you've experienced while trying to order new service. If you're still looking for help, you can send us a private message by using the link below, just click on ATTCustomerCare to create a new message. Please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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