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Why is AT&T so messed up


Why is AT&T so messed up

First, I tried to get DSL. It was the only thing available in i new neighborhood. Some reps said no ports available. Others said there should be. Found out that I had to get a phone acct first. Then they hooked up the DSL. But ran the cable across the street. Ok, month later, cable still in street. Cable was not protected from cars and becomes frayed. Service is slow and goes out frequently. I call and ask them to replace and bury the cable. Takes weeks on phone and they finally send tech to replace with another unprotected cable across rd. Tech said he put in request to get the cable protected or buried. Doesn't happen. Cable gets damaged again in a month. Spend weeks on phone again! No service for weeks. Send another tech to replace cable. I'm home and go talk to him. He asks me why they didn't use the cable that was already buried under the road in the box. Like I would know!!! So he uses it and problem solved. Then have to spend hours on the phone to get my bill reimbursed for the service I was charged for but didn't have! Ridiculous! Then the Dsl goes out again for many days several times. Phone line too. Call on cell and spend many hours with clueless people who cannot answer why. Put in service call and say it will be a week before anyone can come out. Then find out the whole neighborhood is out so we figure it's because they are trying to install Uverse in neighborhood. Ran lines months before and now finally installing. So have to spend hours on phone again to get my bill adjusted for no service again. Then I get notified that Uverse is finally available! Yeah! DSL purgatory is finally over! No, not quite. So I set an install appt. Take of from work. Nobody shows up for the install. I call to find out there is a problem with my install. A cabling issue. It will take a month to fix! How do they know it will take a month? They give me a date. A month away. So the order is on hold until then. Not happy but what can I do? So in the meantime, I see Uverse trucks at all my neighbors houses all around me getting installed. No problems. A week later I get called by an AT&T sales rep wanting to sell me Uverse. So I tell him I am supposed to have an order on hold because of the cable. He says he's not seeing any order our any problems with getting service to my house. So I say, yes hook me up. Gets me a better deal. So I get a second install appt. Take off work again. Nobody shows again!!! And they don't call. They just don't show up!!!! Another day of leave wasted. I call them to find out still have a"facility issue". Cannot elaborate. Put on hold until end of the month. So I see installers across my street. I go ask them if they know anything about why my house can't get installed. They laugh and say they are mushrooms. Company doesn't tell them anything so they can't give me any answers. They recommend I call the AT&T store. They will have all off the answers. So I call the store. They laugh at me and say they don't know anything either. I ask "who does?". I get referred to the 800 number. Calling that number takes a good 10 min to finally get a human to talk with. I spend hours on the phone and get nowhere. Nobody knows what the problem is. So I was told that if I want some action, tell them to want to cancel your AT&T phone and DSL. So I call to do that. Get transferred to the "retention" dept. The name implies they will try to make you happy and resolve issues to keep your service. The guy asks me why I want to cancel. Then he says "I understand and will cancel your acct". Didn't lift a finger to resolve anything!!!! So I am so frustrated I just let him cancel. Going to find another company to provide service. But first, I call back the guy that sold new the second order to tell him it didn't happen. Maybe he can resolve. He says he sees what the problem was. There was two orders in the system and both got cancelled. So he promises new that he will fix and they will be or to install the next day. I told him there was a cancel order in on my current service. He said not a problem because the new service will be installed the next day. So that night at midnight, my service stopped. Nobody came out to the house. Just a flick of a switch and my dsl and phone are off. So I have to wait until the next day to get Uverse and phone back. I take a third day off work. They don't show again!!!! No calls again!!! I spend hours on the phone again! Get told that there still is cabling issue. So we get hold of some engineers with AT&T to get some answers. They don't have any either. They seem to think it's a database issue associated with the spelling odd my street name. But I had dsl service!!! My neighbors on the same street have service. I have literally spent weeks on the phone. On hold numerous hours. 6 hrs yesterday. Four the other night. I have spoken with over 20 different people. Nobody knows anything. I get transferred to other people and then get dumped. I get told people will call me back and don't. I finally get a text message sent to my phone that says "sorry for the issues with your install. Cable problem is now fixed and you can reschedule your install". So I do. But the order is not correct and I can't get the deal I was offered. So after spending several more days and hours on the phone talking with several more people, I get a better deal but still not the deal I ordered. But I give up because I want the service to finally get hooked up. They assure me there should be no problems with the install this time. So I take off a fourth day from work. They don't show again!!!!! No call again!!!!!! I'm so angry!!!!! I call and they can't find out why. Only can reschedule for another day. Are you kidding me????? Seriously???? I spend 6 hrs on the phone taking to 5 different people. My wife spent several hours too. Got no answers, only a promise to call back after looking into this. You want to know how many times I have heard that and didn't get a call back???? I am ready to give up and just get satellite internet. I even asked AT&T to hook my phone and dsl back up and they said that was impossible. I asked why? I just had it disconnected! They said I was grandfathered in but now that I don't have it, it's old technology and they are not offering it anymore. They said I have to get Uverse. I said I would love to have Uverse if you would get your butts out here an install it!!! But until you do, I want my dsl back. As much as it sucked, at least I had something! But they tell me it is some incredible task to manually set the order up. I say do it!!! So I spent hours on the phone with the woman periodically coming on the phone until I finally just have up. What could it be to be taking so long? I could have set the phone down, ran a few miles, cut my grass and cooked dinner in that time. So I am giving up on AT&T. They obviously don't want my service. They are obviously too screwed up that I am better off not having their service.
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Re: Why is AT&T so messed up

Hi @jk2151,


I am so sorry about all the issues you have gone through trying to get the U-verse service. I can definitely understand your frustrations. If you are still willing to give us a chance, I will be happy to assist in getting this issue resolved for you.


I will be sending you a private message, so be on the lookout for it.


-David T


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Re: Why is AT&T so messed up

I am making a 5th attempt to try and get service.  I have an another install appt set up for tomorrow morning.  I wish there was some way of knowing if they were going to show or not and, if not, why before I take another day off.  This will be a whole week now that I have taken off to get AT&T service.  I can't keep doing this.  I will have to move on to another company if they don't show up this time.

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Re: Why is AT&T so messed up

We had the same problem.   Set an appointment for installation, and the tech never showed up.  Never even contacted us to let us know that they weren't going to make it.   Terrible customer service.

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