Where's My At&t refer a friend reward card?


Where's My At&t refer a friend reward card?

Well I had refered my Friend Back on May 1st and it is now July 21st and they had their services installed on May 5th(TV,Internet,and Voice) the referal was completed on June 24th and it is now July 21st and I have still not received any reward card! My Status has been saying in fulfilment since June 24th and also when I did refer a friend back in May there was a promo for refer a friend that says when you refer a friend you get $50 for each service activated.Well upon checking my Status I see that I am only getting a $75 reward card when it is suppose to be a $150 reward card because my friend had activated TV,Voice,and Internet! Why offer a promo if you dont even get the full deal?That is false advertisement!!!!!

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Re: Where's My At&t refer a friend reward card?


States that for each service ordered both the referrer and referred will receive $25 for a total of $50/service.
Three services ordered does equal $150 but divided between both parties each receiving $75. No false advertising just need to read details.

As to when
VI. AT&T Promotion Cards

1. AT&T Promotion Cards can be redeemed for merchandise online at att.com or at any AT&T company owned store. They can also be used towards paying your bill through the online account management service at att.com, by phone or at participating AT&T stores. PLEASE NOTE THAT AT&T PROMOTION CARDS EXPIRE 5 MONTHS (150 DAYS)FROM THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH THAT IS EMBOSSED ON THE CARD.
2. Promotion Cards will be sent to your AT&T billing address. AT&T shall have no liability for misdirected or lost cards due to incorrect billing address associated with the Member's account.
3. The actual fulfillment time for Promotion Cards will vary. AT&T may provide an estimated time for reward fulfillment by Suppliers via the Program website for purposes of guidance only. AT&T does not guarantee fulfillment within the estimated time frame.
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