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I have used AT&T service for quite sometime and moved to another location in Springfield, MO to find out that AT&T Uverse is not available in my neighborhood. I'm not really sure why you don't as quite a lot of areas around my neighborhood have Uverse. I would really like Uverse and unfortunately have to go with another company until otherwise.



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Re: Uverse service

Unluckily Uverse does not serve eveyone: 


AT&T is scheduled to reach 30 million U-verse homes passed by the end of the year (2011) with their U-Verse service, or roughly 55-60% of their homes. They will virtually stop there according to President John Stankey speaking at Citibank, who announced 55-60% as their ultimate goal.


He suggested that 25-30% of AT&T homes will only be offered ADSL. 20% are "not a heavy emphasis for investment," i.e. 5-10 million of AT&T's 50 million homes are screwed unless they have a decent cable alternative. (Yes, rounding means not necessarily equal to 100 %.)



But things might be bright for the future:


In the 25 percent of AT&T's wireline customer locations where it's currently not economically feasible to build a competitive IP wireline network, the company said it will utilize its expanding 4G LTE wireless network -- as it becomes available -- to offer voice and high-speed IP Internet services.


The company's 4G LTE network will cover 99 percent of all in-region customer locations. AT&T's 4G LTE network offers speeds competitive with, if not higher than, what is available on wired broadband networks today. And in many places, AT&T's 4G LTE service will be the first high speed IP broadband service available to many customers. Smiley Surprised




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