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Uverse ordering learn to communicate!!!


Uverse ordering learn to communicate!!!

Next time when a customer orders new service make sure you tell them whether or not you can provide what the customer wants. I live in a rural area and we finally got uverse, well so i thought. According to the engineering department it would take 2 runs to get the speeds we ordered, we werent informed of this. We were scheduled to get our service installed today, it didnt happen. Thanks ATT again for the lack of communication. Ive never had ATT and still might not after this. This is not a good start to a relationship..........

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Re: Uverse ordering learn to communicate!!!

If you haven't gotten this issue resolved click on the link below and you will be taken to a screen you can send Customer Care a PM.  They are an escalation team that is higher than regular Customer Service.  They can help you get this resolved.  They will probably contact you via PM as well so watch for message notifications.

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Re: Uverse ordering learn to communicate!!!

Hello, jewc75!


Thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear your service was not installed. We would certainly appreciate the opportunity to look into this for you, so please use the link RCSMG provided above to send us a private message with your contact information.


Once again, I apologize for the frustration and inconvenience.



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Re: Uverse ordering learn to communicate!!!

I used the link and sent a pm. Im still very frustrated with how ATT handles its future customers. Now im being told the order system is down and thats the reason a technician never showed up. Again isnt that something you should communicate to a customer? There are too many "problems" already and im not even a customer yet.


First im told that i will need to (runs), not even sure what that means and neither did technical support.


Then im told that ATT isnt sure they will be able to provide the internet speed i ordered. That the engineering dept would have to look into it.


Now im told its because the order system is down and my order didnt go through.


In all ive spent 2 days and roughly 4 hours on the phone waiting for someone to give me an answer.



Which is ATT?

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Re: Uverse ordering learn to communicate!!!

samething happened to me. I ordered my service online and scheduled my installation for yesterday. No one showed up. I was on the phone for total 3 hours to find out they have problem in my area. I was never told via email nor call that they were not coming. It's so ridiculous that they let their new customer to have his wife to take a day off waiting at home for the technician (disappeared) to come. I should had sued them for a wage loss for that day.

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Re: Uverse ordering learn to communicate!!!

I ordered mine online but then i called in to confirm the order went through. At that time i wasnt told of any issues.

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Re: Uverse ordering learn to communicate!!!

2nd install date is here and technician cant install due to no signal. Thanks again ATT, this time i cancelled. I cant believe in a month you people can not get your act together. So disappointed.

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Re: Uverse ordering learn to communicate!!!

Well here we are again, wife really wanted the service so once again it was ordered. The day following our last scheduled appointment. Last saturday we were supposed to have it installed and again the tech couldnt find a signal, too bad he was working out of the wrong pedestal. Another tech came out later that day to check things out, he went to the correct pedestal and found the signal. he put in a ticket to have the correct department come out and do the install. We call in and demand someone come and install our service, so they sent another tech out on sunday. This tech found signal but said he couldnt run the drop because it was going to have to go across our neighbors driveway and it was going to  be a bonded pair drop. He promised we would have the drop and bury crew out the next morning, today. We have been on the phone all morning trying to get a resolution to the low quality customer service that is ATT. Finally a few minutes ago we were told it would be tomorrow before the crew could come out and do the outside work, then we would have to schedule an appt for a tech to come do the inside install. Im so frustrated with these people, the call centers are a joke. With all of the waiting and broken promises youd think theyd offer some kind of compensation, well in fact it was the complete opposite, i was told that im not a customer yet so if it takes a year it takes a year. Why should it matter, you arent being billed? she said. Yah good service. Almost getting to that comcast level.  I find it funny they can admit they are wrong but arent willing to provide good customer service.

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