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U-Verse and my Router/Cable modem


U-Verse and my Router/Cable modem

I am thinking of getting just the tv service and was told that i can continue to use the cable internet, what I am curious about is how will the channels be brought into the house? Will it use a phone line? 


Also I have read that U-Verse requires a huge mammoth looking box they call a gateway in the home, what i failed to find out is if I am not getting internet through ATT can I continue to use my current Router?


I am trying to iron out some details before buying tv service so any help would be appreciated

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: U-Verse and my Router/Cable modem

1. Yes, U-Verse TV will be brought in via your phone line, using a VDSL modem/gateway. VDSL is a higher speed version of ADSL.

2. Yes, if you continue to use your existing cable service for Internet, you leave your router hooked up to that. The U-Verse gateway and your cable internet system will not be interconnected.

3. If you do not subscribe to U-Verse Internet, there are a few features of the TV service that will not work:

a. You cannot schedule or manage recordings via the AT&T web interface.
b. You cannot use the iPhone/iPad remote control applications to control your set-top boxes.
c. You cannot log into the partner VOD sites like HBOGo, etc.
d. There are a few other restrictions that I can't think of off the top of my head right now.

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Re: U-Verse and my Router/Cable modem

ajamison5579 - I would not call the U-verse modem mammoth. If your cable modem is new then it is really small - About the size of a couple of cigarette packs. The U-verse modem is about the size of a cigar box - same as an older cable modem.

Also, each TV has an STB or DVR about that size, as well.

As Somejoe says - the U-verse signal comes to your house on a tel wire. But, that is to the NID on the side of the house. From there, it can be cat3, cat5 or COAX.

The tech usually would want to use existing wiring, such as your COAX to run from the NID to the RG (modem). Be sure to let him know it is not available, in your case.
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