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U-Verse TV & Professional Installation


U-Verse TV & Professional Installation

Hello All,


I am a current U-Verse internet subscriber. I did the self install option about a year ago. Now, I am considering adding TV to my current service. I know this requires professional installation. What all is included in the professional installation? I believe each of the three rooms that I would like to have TV have a coax and a phone jack. However, I am not sure if the wiring is still good in all of these places. Does the professional installation include wiring, if needed? I know one phone line is good because I have the U-Verse gateway hooked up. However, we tried to have cable hooked up when we first moved in, and we were told there was a problem with the cable itself. I live in a condo and the cable guy couldn't get access to run new cable from the pole to our unit. However, I believe the previous tenants ran dish through the coax lines in the house, so I am not sure if there is a problem.


Also, is work typically needed on the wiring from the box outside to a unit? I know someone had U-Verse installed several years ago, and the installer had to tear up his yard to install new wiring. Since I live in a Condo, I don't have free reign to tell an installer he can start digging stuff up.


My final question is if we can't get the service hooked up or I don't feel comfortable with the amount of work it will take to get the service hooked up, can I cancel my order with no fees? Also, is there any kind of trial period? If I get the service hooked up, and am unhappy after using it for a week or two, can I cancel the service with no fees?


Thank you for your time. 

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Re: U-Verse TV & Professional Installation

Up to 3 wire runs included, each additional wire run is $55.

Each installation is different, but coax to tv location is allowed but discouraged in 2014. Preferred is Ethernet or wireless. As U-verse can support up to 2 wireless receivers (one time charge $49 each) may be an option to consider.
Is one tv located in room with RG? Or can RG be relocated to be next to TV (is there a phone jack location clise to tv lication) if not needed for hardwired computer, or could hardwired computer be wireless connection.

Preferred install is RG located by DVR TV placed on short Ethernet cable with Wireless Access Point next to RG for (2) wireless receivers covering 3 tvs total. Additional tvs would need hardwired solution either as Ethernet or coax.

If order either u300 or u450 tv package, current promotions allow for (1) wireless receiver (saving $49) would just need to order and be billed for (1) additional wifi receiver.

May cancel before install, no fee. After install is completed and want to cancel within 30 days would owe, after 30 days an early termination fee of $180 applies.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Must cancel all AT&T U-verse services within 30 days from service activation. Adjustment provided for monthly recurring charges only. Customer is responsible for all additional charges, including but not limited to installation, On Demand, Pay per View, international calls, other pay-per-use features, non-returned equipment charges, and any other one-time fees. 
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Re: U-Verse TV & Professional Installation

My experience with the outside install was completely without digging so it is possible in a condo type setting. I do not believe they will do any digging without a letter from the condo owner (or at least they wouldn't when I had a condo install done a few years ago. 


As as to the 30 days, I would encourage you to call (if you choose to cancel) several days before that. I have a friend who waiting until day 29 and kept getting the run around so she got stuck with the $180 fee. 


Good luck, hope it goes smoothly! 

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Re: U-Verse TV & Professional Installation

Thanks, everyone. I placed my order and a tech comes out Thursday, so we shall see how it goes. I decided to make my extra receiver wireless to hopefully avoid some complication.


Two things:


1.) When placing my order for TV, I also requested an upgrade to my current U-verse internet speed. I don't see this change under "my orders". Is it processed seperately? I am trying to see it it went through.


2.) Is there anywhere I can go ahead and see what rewards I should be elligible IF my new service is activated?


When I placed my order, it had a nice breakdown of everything I was getting, pricing, discounts, and rewards. Under "my orders", I see the pricing for the TV, my older internet pricing, and nothing about rewards. Is there anyway to go back and see what I hit "submit" for?

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Re: U-Verse TV & Professional Installation

Hello Benboy12,


You can check what rewards you are eligible for, using the below link :


You need to enter your 9-digit U-verse account number and zip code in the respective fields on the right side of page.


Hope that helps. Please repost in case of any trouble.

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