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U-Verse Customer Support Incompetence


U-Verse Customer Support Incompetence

Thursday, July 3, 2014    16:33 EST

Called AT&T (800-288-2020) to report service outage (TV & Internet).  Customer service representative reported that no technicians were available on Friday July 4th as they were only schedule for half-day due to holiday.  He told me that a technician would come to our residence on Saturday July 5th between 0800 and 2000 EST. He told me to monitor the AT&T website on Saturday for updated appointment times as technicians/ website is updated with appointment times every 30 minutes.


Saturday, July 5, 2014     19:43 (Day 2)

Received automated phone (877-737-2478) call saying that the technician was not able to meet the appointment time.  (We had stayed at the house on a holiday weekend for 12 hours waiting for scheduled technician.

Saturday, July 5, 2014 19:44 (Day 2)

Called AT&T to inquire why the scheduled technician was not available, and when the appointment was rescheduled.  I was informed by customer service technician that the ticket was never assigned to a technician.  The repair was also designated as an outside repair and we did not need to be home for the repair…contrary to direction provided on Thursday! Customer service said that repairs were scheduled for Monday, July 7th as they are not available on Sunday.


Monday, July 7, 2014      morning (Day 4)

Called AT&T in the morning to determine when the repair was scheduled to occur.  Customer service technician (Eric) said that an outside repair was completed on Sunday, July 6th …. contrary to direction provided on Saturday!


Asked to cancel the service, and was transferred to Retention department.  Was told by Retention (Destiny) I would be charged an early termination fee of ~$130 due to not satisfying the 12 month contract.  I informed AT&T I never agreed to a 12 month contract, and asked them to provide a signed contract (which they could not).  I was informed by Retention that use of the service was agreement to the 12 month terms and condition.  I informed AT&T that I also never received the $100 gift card. 


Asked to be transferred to Rewards department.  Rewards dept. took information and mailed the $100 rewards cards, informing me it could take 4-6 weeks.


Asked to be transferred back to technical support to schedule the repair.  Was informed that an indoor technician was schedule to arrive at the house between 13:00-17:00, as they noted the outside repair ticket was completed on Sunday, July 6th.


Monday, July 7th  ~14:00 (Day 4)

AT&T technician arrived at the house and informed me he was an outside technician.  He was unable to do internal repairs.  Technician was unaware why he was dispatched when the repair was clearly internal.  He said it appeared to be a mistake. He conducted tests externally (not sure why) and determined the service to the house was satisfactory.  He told me he submitted a ticket to have an internal technician come to the house for repair on Tuesday. 

Monday, July 7th 16:37 (Day 4)

Called AT&T to confirm the Tuesday appointment and request an internal technician be dispatched to the house immediately.  Customer service technician (Tina) told me that she could find no ticket in the system for an internal technician to come on Tuesday…contrary to what I was told an hour prior!

She attempted to do line trouble-shooting remotely but was unsuccessful.   She told me she would overnight a new modem to the house to arrive NLT Close of Business on Tuesday July 8th.  She was also going to follow up to determine if a technician could come to the house on Tuesday July 8th.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014 09:55 (Day 5)

Received automated phone call from AT&T regarding ticket completed on Monday.   I assume that was the unnecessary external work? 

Called AT&T to check status of delivery of the modem.  Informed by AT&T modem was not going to be delivered today, contrary to direction provided on Monday at 16:37 call.  Called AT&T installation manager of course he is on vacation, and the person covering would return call....did not happen yet.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 14:55 (Day 5)

Received an email from AT&T that new modem had shipped with an expected arrival date of July 8th.  I clicked on “Track Your Shipment Here” and was redirected to a FEDEX page.  FEDEX showed the package being picked up on 7/8/2014 at 13:48, with an estimated delivery date of Wednesday, July 9th by 15:00…contrary to AT&T statement made on Monday on 16:37 call!


I have lost all confidence in the ability for AT&T to meet any commitment they promised.  All I ask is that people do what they say.  It boggles my mind that a global leader in communication can't even get their internal communications correct.  

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