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Transfer of service


Transfer of service

Not sure if this is a billing or a general account question: I moved out of my old house on July 18 and had my Uverse service (TV, internet and phone) suspended until August 30 (which was just the farthest out that Uverse could schedule a new home install at that point).  I was still paying the $5 per month per service for August, so my account was/is current.  My new home is new construction and I had been working off of a Sept. 10 closing date from the beginning,so when August 30 approached, I rescheduled the install for Sept. 15, not really sure if I would be in the new house yet. 


I will be closing on Sept. 12 instead and won't actually be moving my furniture into the house until Sept. 18 because I'm having an outside contractor do flooring work for me in between those dates.  The problem lies with the move-in date; while I had the presence of mind to pack and take the two wireless receivers with me, the main receiver and everything else to actually operate the system is in a box in storage at the movers with all of my furniture and I can't access it (it was a very hectic move - no judging, please).  The rep I spoke to about moving the install date out to the 19th said that can't be done because that puts me past the limit on how far out my service can be suspended because it's a transfer, not a vacation hold (the 16th is 60 days past when service was stopped at the old house).  He said that the installer can still come out on the 15th and I can reschedule then with him.  But isn't that really just the same thing?  How can I push the date out further with the installer if he isn't setting up the equipment? Are there other things he can do that day that will get me back in the system so he can then come back out when I have my equipment? I thought I had a little more wiggle room - I thought it was 90 days, not 60. Do I have any other options? I want to keep my promotions and discounts and my phone number so I don't want to start all over again with "new" service. 

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Re: Transfer of service

Recommend keep the install date, as this is a move order... 

The tech can provide a RG and hook up two WiFi boxes (will need a small TV).

Your internet will need to be re registered, you need your ATT email address and password. The tech can use his/her iPad. Your wireless codes will change to new RG.


Let the tech know of additional equipment needs and placement, the tech can use wireless receiver to test Ethernet cable runs from RG to desired room(s). Hopefully the RG and DVR can be co located to same area.


If done properly, when rest of equipment arrives, would just be plug and play ready.

Ask for techs number if any questions, and managers number to give praise for being so accommodating.


You will need to return your original RG when furniture arrives, tech can give best advice.....

I would recommend return within 30 days of install, not wanting to be charged for lost equipment fee of $150 per piece.


Just my thoughts, hopefully some nuggets for you to use....

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Re: Transfer of service

What a screwed up system that the installer can do more than the Customer Service people.  I cannot occupy my house, which is under construction, and they terminated my service, though there was never any time limit mentioned even, when I told them in the begining it would be several months, at least. I too, stored my equipment at the CS reps request.  I was paying the suspended service charge, I have a cell phone account linnked to my Uverse account being billed to the new address, but they terminated it anyway with No warning or anything.  I should have had my head examined for ever getting back involved with AT&T, but they convinced me that they had changed. A Leopard cannot change his spots, I guess.  All they had to do in the beginning is tell me the truth.  I told them the truth, one should expect they would have.  I talked to a rep a week before they terminated my account.  He sent someone out to be sure the house was wired properly, but I'll never know, because they told me they don't want me as a customer anymore.  Fortunately, I have choices in Atlanta, several.  I feel your pain, Bree!

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