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Signed a 1-year contract and then AT&T raised price


Signed a 1-year contract and then AT&T raised price

I was going to cancel my service in December last year, but when I called to cancel, AT&T offered U200 for a certain rate for 12 months in exchange for me signing a contract for one-year.  So I agreed to keep AT&T U-Verse for 1 year and pay that set price.


Subsequent to our agreement, AT&T raised the bill by ~$4 in February (yes, the notification was in the December bill but that bill was generated after I entered into the one-year contract).


I had an online chat with customer care and I was told that it is AT&T's policy to apply the rate increase even to customers who are under a contract.  I sent a private message this past weekend but I have yet to hear back.


It is absurd that AT&T thinks this is okay:


1) If I cancel the service before December this year, I have to pay a penalty.

2) Yet AT&T can raise the rate at any time without my consent.

3) If I don't like the rate increase, I can cancel the service but I still have to pay the penalty.


Is anyone else having this same issue (i.e., those who have to pay a penalty if they were to cancel within the contract period, similar to how cell phone contracts work)?  Please share your experience here.  Thanks.

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Re: In contract and raising rates

Yep buyer beware there is always a hidden catch i guess. They wouldnt be successful corporations without it. Guess Ill be paying more on my locked in price per month as stated by the rep who offered it.

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Re: In contract and raising rates

Ditto on Chris. I have the same issue. The rep specifically stated the price would be the same for a year, and all they will do is apologize and quote the fine print. 


Like buying a used car.



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Re: In contract and raising rates

Same problem here! Supposed to be locked in for one year, but price keeps changing every month. Its always some excuse. I would be amazed if I could go just six months with the same bill (not going up) and not having to call every two months for adjustments.
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Re: In contract and raising rates

Hello @chrism1367 ,


As stated in your service agreement, fixed rates and promotions apply only to your service plan. Fees, surcharges, etc. are subject to change. 


We apologize that John did not direct you to the service agreement during your chat session.  Your frustration is understandable.


Thanks for your post.

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Re: In contract and raising rates

The issue is more about what the sales reps promise--not what the small print says.


If a rep puts in writing that the price is fixed for a year, then it should be. People expect to be told the truth and expect companies to honor their written promises. Telling a customer afterwards what the small print says does not address the real issue of agents of AT&T lying to its customers, and reprimanding the rep doesn't solve the customer's problem. 

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Re: In contract and raising rates

My price went up last month and I called. I have a locked in price for one year and they increased it. This month it is $22.00 more and it say's I changed my plan last month. Person on phone must of, I didn't. Show me where it say's you can change the price at will and I can't leave. I have had the same phone number for over 50 years and all of a sudden have nothing but problems with you. Never been with another company but it is time.

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Re: In contract and raising rates

Never missed a payment or had a late payment. Increased my bill from $155 to $235 a month. Basically told me new corporate stance was to quit giving discounts to long time customers. SO--waiting on Suddenlink to change over. My goal is to never pay AT&T one penny ever again.
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Re: In contract and raising rates

To me-they agreed to a price on renewal and quickly told me the penalty if I broke the contract. After 4 calls--I have been told 4 different prices that they say they agreed to on contract. Therefore-I believe I never had a contract. Watch AT&T in the future start hurting for business. I tell my neighborhood; friends; social media to be aware of AT&T fraud.
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Re: In contract and raising rates

And then they keep calling me wanting me to switch from Sprint to AT&T ON MY CELL PHONE BUSINESS. I die laughing. Sprint has never screwed me. AT&T screws me every month. Last company on earth to get my cell phone business is AT&T.
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Hidden charge increase

When I created an account with AT&T U-verse for internet service I was given a 12 month price and a price that the contract would default to once the 12 month introductory period expired. One month after introductory pricing expired the default price took effect. Immediately thereafter the price went up by 5 dollars per month. This AT&T practice of inching up the price is a historical pattern used by AT&T. I have been an AT&T customer for longer than most of their customers have been alive. Why does AT&T forever mistreat their customers? I only wish there was an option

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Re: Hidden charge increase

AT&T U-verse has a price increase every February, and they did phase some Internet-only increases at the end of the month.  You can plan on that happening every year, but not every month (or at random times throughout the year which is what my experience with Charter had been).


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Re: In contract and raising rates

I find it amusing how quickly the ATT employees on this website simply quote the fine print rather than acknowledge the deception of their agents. If you promise a customer something, you should live up to that promise. All this talk about promotions and fees is simply smoke and mirrors to hide that the real problem--sales reps promise a fixed price for a year, then the base price changes after a couple of months. Not the fees or taxes, but the base price.


Then they act like we should have known. Well, we do now.

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Re: In contract and raising rates

Three things you need to look at:  PLAN amounts, FEE amounts and TAX amounts.


If your PLAN rate increases then yes, you need to call CS and get a credit for the amount.  You would know that by comparing the amount(s) on your last few bills.


If it's the FEES & TAXES that increase, those are exempt from any promised long term PLAN rate amounts.

*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: In contract and raising rates

Skeeter, it was my plan that increased within two months. I complained here, but no one responded. Do you think it was simply because I included it in my previous complaint? Should I have opened a new one?


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Re: Hidden charge increase

See? It is your fault for not knowing that they one-year plan they sold you on was not really a one-year plan.

Jeffer does a wonderful job of explaining that it happens every year, but completely ignores the fact that you were sold a plan at a fixed rate. He assumes that we as customers should know that when a rep sells us a plan at a fixed price for a year, it is not really fixed. It is only fixed until they decide to raise it--regardless of their promises.


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