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Re: Setting up Email on Home Computer


Setting up Email on Home Computer

I previously had Comcast.  How do I get Comcast out of the Mac Mail app to enter in AT&T info?  I have Mac Mail 3.6.  Even when I delete all the fields in the Account Info boxes under Preferences, it still wants to register new info as "Comcast POP" and won't let me enter new POP or SMTP data.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Setting up Email on Home Computer

Nbmars - I believe you cannot change.You must delete and add via the small +/- signs?

go for a gmail acct & you will not have to change again. If yo still have access to Comcast you can download all your s

In AT&T acct set it to forward to gmail.
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Re: Setting up Email on Home Computer

While I'd agree with setting up a gmail instead of using an ISP's hosted email, since the mbr isn't able to add POP or SMTP data, they wouldn't be able to setup a gmail on macmail either.


Aviewer is correct with the + or -. Don't go through the 'add account' but rather Mail->Preferences->Accounts->+ 

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