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September 2018 package deals?


September 2018 package deals?

We have uverse package 305 or 405 have had it for going on 2 years this include phone internet and cable what's the best way to negotiate a new rate without getting stuck in contract terms? We like all the standard channels but would love to have Metv and some other channels HATE ALL THE SHOPPING CHANNELS AND FOREIGN CHANNELS is there a way to request removal or better package? We also auto pay every month..

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‎09-21-2018 8:53 PM

Re: September 2018 package deals?

305 or 405?  Never heard of 'em.  Do you mean U-300 or u-450?


Do you mean by "package deal" a promotion?  If so there isn't much (any?) negotiation.  You call "retentions" (ask for "retentions" as you navigate down the 800-288-2020 phone tree) and ask what promotions are available to you and go from there.  Don't expect what new users get.  It won't happen. 


Of course "promotions" are contracts and there are "early termination fees" for terminating them early.  If you are thinking of getting some better non-promo rate when your current promo ends, it's not going to happen.  After the initial one (or two?) year new user promotion the standard rates apply. 



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Re: September 2018 package deals?

Yes sorry it's the u300 I have tried looking online to see different package deals but all I find is promotion for new customers

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