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Returning equipment

Returning equipment

We are selling our old RPTV in the living room and not replacing it (we have more than enough TV's in the house as it is). How do I return a STB that we aren't using anymore?



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Re: Returning equipment

Call 1-800-288-2020 or online att your account and chat to representative, they will need GUI number from bottom of box to remove from your account, they will need to provide a RMA number, you will need to take box and power supply to ups store with RMA, they will package and shipping at ATT expense.
You will only be given a few days to do this,if equipment is not received within time frame you will be billed $150 for lost box.
Thus make sure you keep your receipt.
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Re: Returning equipment

Just as an additive to my thoughts' post, 21 days is the time frame for leased equipment to be returned to ATT via UPS without a charge. The RMA number you can use is the order number or billing account number. Either will look up your account in UPS's system but you do have to call to get it removed or else you'll indefinitely pay the 7$/month leasing fee on it.
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Re: Returning equipment

This equipment has being returned per AT&T instructions and I am being billed.  AT&T sent the equipment without me requesting it,and I did not sign for it.  Their technician stated he could not take it back. 


I am a mature female with some limitations in body and financies.  I explained the hardship that fulfilling their rquest to return the unsolicited equipment would create and, they had not provided a return label.  After some persistance they sent a label and I shipped the equipment back being assured the cost for shipping would be credited to my account,  I am now being billed for equipment not received and they are constantly sending empty boxes of all sizes with filmsy bubble wrap and return shipping labels. 


At&T equipment is not that reliable, their service is not that good and they do not keep their word.  I have been with this company since they were Illinois Bell Telephone Company.  I've had the same phone number for more than30 years.  I don't think I should have to be subjected to this poor service.

and believe it or not they just left another piece of equipment here.

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Re: Returning equipment

on 10/28/16 I returned dsl modem which I did not need since two weeks prior ATNT did a fine rewiring at my home and supplied a new modem.  I took the extra equipment in original box   to UPS Store #1244

1244 got a receipt for my retun with a tracking number.  I felt inconvenienced just by having to return something they should not have sent me.  If ATNT had called to let me know they sending me a Modem I could have saved myself a trip. Today Nov 1, 2016 I tried to track the status of my return.  After several tries on line at ups tracking I called  ups 800 number.  I was informed that my tracking number is not a valid UPS Number.

At that point I called the store where i was issued the receipt. I was told they have no way to track it????  I said you issued a tracking number:   I was told they ship these units when they get several in one shipment.  I said thats fine,  just give me the UPS tracking number you used  for my unit,  " OH we don't have that we dont keep track of it just be assured you keep your receipt that is your proof."  I was also told many customers are trying to remove the charges by ATNT on account of how to prove the return, some times for months on end.!!!!!!

Well by this time I was practically ballistic.  Apparently ATNT and UPS is squeezing customers between a rock and a hard spot in this moranic not trackable sytem.  I suggested UPS and ATNT get their act together and log in items they ship and issue a valid   UPS tracking number.

I really have no time for this looser method that can end up haressment of ATNT customers  and unjustified billing on account of their inefficient record keeping.  Tomorrow I am calling ATNT Customer Service to be certain they register my unit as having been returned  and also send them a scanned copy of my receipts.  I do not think this is a good enough reflection on  UPS nor ATNT  and certainly not fair to their customers.  I have been ATNT customer  50+ years and I  expect better logistics.  I know them at their best and I want to keep it that way.

I have not been charged related to this unit.  I am glad I got ahead of this inefficient method related to equipment returns. My time limit for the retun is November 4, 2016.

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