Questions about Installation


Questions about Installation

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So after checking the website for nearly 2 years U-Verse is finally arrived in my area. Im getting the triple bundle with max internet speed, u450 for TV, and phone. My coming in from directv tv and charter internet. Im hoping my install goes smoothly given its on april fools day. I currently have 4 HD DVR's with both coax and ethernet in every room (for directv's multi room dvr feature). Would it be best to ask the installer to use ethernet for the TV's or coax? Also we have allot of devices we connect to the net. We have 3 computers, 2 phone's that use wifi, and 2 xbox's. Will u-verse allow me to use my wireless router and hub? Thanks in advance for the suggestions I will post here as the install gets complete.

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Re: Install Date 4/1/2011 (Success)

I don't think we have a concrete explanation. Smiley Very Happy


And you're right, the bigger the screen, the easier it is to see PQ.  IF I stand about 1 ft. from our 55" LCD, yeah, you can see blurring and muddiness...but sitting the proper distance away on the couch, looks great!


We don't watch Sports in this house, but that does seem to be where people see blurring more; anything with fast movement.


Everyone is entitled to their interpretation of wnat they see.

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