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Property Damage Claims


 Helpful information for Property Claims with AT&T

Accidents happen, and we apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing. Whether you need to track a claim filed by an AT&T representative or file a new claim, we’ve got you covered.


Claim Information

AT&T claims are handled through Sedgwick, our claims administrator. 

Note: If human life, health, or safety is threatened by damage to electrical, water, or sewer lines, to help mitigate your damages call your local electrical company or a local plumber to help you with the immediate problem.

Once a claim has been filed, Sedgwick will provide a claims administrator who will contact you, document the damages, and visit the damaged site to complete an assessment. Once the assessment is complete, they will provide you with the final assessment and information.


File a new claim

If you need to file a new claim, have the following information available:

  • Location – The physical address or GPS coordinates for the location where damage occurred.
  • Photos – Include close-ups and wide views of the area damaged. If possible, include photos of the person, vehicle, or equipment that caused the damage. Photos can be from cameras, cell phones, or other devices.

Once you have the information together, call the Claim Center at 800.894.0374.

Once the administrator receives the information, they will assign it to a claims examiner. The examiner will generally contact you within 3-5 business days to discuss the report and get additional information.


Track an existing claim

If an AT&T representative has given you a claim number and you haven’t heard anything in 24 hours, or you’ve already filed a claim and want to follow up, call 855.462.6537 to check the status.


David, AT&T Community Specialist

AT&T Customer Care

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Re: Damage to grass and ornamental area in lawn

AT&T hired Don Hatch Construction to bury new installed U-verse cable lines.  The hired 3 party water bored holes 2 times under my new poured driveway.   1 year later the driveway is cracked 3’ in width, and 2" height separation.  AT&T sent me to company for claim, and they sent me to Don Hatch.  A representative from Don Hatch Construction - 299 county road 833, in Texas (77612) showed up at my house, Josh Seaman.  He was very unprofessional, did not have business card, was very abrasive and talked to me as if I was not knowledgeable.  Wanted to let me know they did all the bury lines in the neighbourhood.  That was a lie, i live in brand new community, only my home had lines buried, and buried under my driveway.  I had an inspection report before concrete was poured, i have builder letter stating the damage was done after inspection passed, after concrete was poured.  This was not normal damage, and was not due to negligent concrete driveway pour.  This was the damage of the company that did water bore line under my drive 2 times.  2 separate incidents.


Sedgwick representative, Garret Downing would not let me escalate within, and I phoned AT&T back and they will not support.   I am not responsible to work or negotiate with a 3 party hired by AT&T.  My contractual agreement is with AT&T.   AT&T is responsible for paying for damages.   My next recourse will be consult a property damage attorney?   


Valid Customer 20 years,

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Re: Property Damage Claims

i have escalated to office of the president!  that person was not very happy i was transferred to that department. 

800-894-0374 submit claim

855-365-4976 Sedwick handles ATT claims



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Re: Property Damage Claims

I had no better results with the President's office. HOpe that you do.

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repair request

at&t fiber crews was working in my back yard from 03.23.17 thru 03.26.17, they have totally ruin my fence and the gate to the back yard, I've trying to contact Jason and Anthony, they either don't respond to me or give me a run around, my address is *****, san antonio tx,my ph #is [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.], please let me know who to contact to result this problem promptly. thank you in advanced. terrie

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Installer for neighbor

Recently, an AT&T installer requested access to my yard for the utility box. Said he was doing install for neighbor.

He left a mess of cable lying in yard and hanging over fence.

Left no info. Just left.

Who do I call?
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Re: Damaged Water Line

So i have the privilege of hosting ATT fiber optic box in my yard - instead of getting free and better service, ATT has come and dug up may yard and aread near my driveway at least 5 times so far - every time one my neighbor signed up for att service. I also signed up for att uverse but cancelled it in protest due to there bad business practice / unethical behavior of contractors that ATT hires who happily dig my lawn, put some dirt and seeds back and think all is well. They have totally destroyed my lawn.

I am requesting ATT to send a landscape contractor make damaged yard and driveway even after digging and putting wires once and for all. Expecting a quick response before i have to solicit help of NC Utility commission.




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Damage to Sprinkler

Crews installing the cable for the new fiber internet did not put back my sprinkler corrrectly and the water is damaging my grass. Who do I need to call for them to come fix the issue? I am in Atlanta.
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Trying to find POC for a project.

I am trying to find the POC for the AMC project here in Huntsville Alabama. There has been some damage to our sprinkler system on the Church property.
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Re: Damaged Water Line

I too had a similar problem. November 12, 2015 the water main on the street where i live was broken by a 3rd party subcontractor of ATT. I have a copy of the City of Austins repair ticket and pictures. I did not have an issue with my water flow prior to the water main breakage and a problem didn't show up until a few months later when our water usage increased. The water pressure to the house had dropped from it's normal 60-80psi down to 25psi. It was impossible to be running more than one water source at a time, which pretty much produced a little more than a "trickle". I could not wait and had the repairs done as soon as possible.  It has now been 8 months since my first contact with ATT/Sedgwick and I have been passed around from one insurance agent to the next, but the agents are not returning my emails nor my telephone calls. If ATT hired this 3rd party subcontractor, and the subcontractor didn't have coverage for the type of work they were performing,  ATT should admit responsibility and reimburse for damages. My house was not the only one with issue. My neighbor to my right had immediate water disruption, had the repairs made, and has already been reimbursed.. How can ATT pay for the damage of one of my neighbors but not another (i am not the only other person on our block that has been given the run a round). Please send me a direct email with the information I provided and let me know how you can help. By the way, I got this link from the ATT Uverse Customer support via the FaceBook page.

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At&t contractor cut or damaged powerline

Someone please help.

In Feb 2006, after At&t contractor did their work and left, all parking and street lights stopped working at below commercial property.

We believe, powerline was either cut or damaged by the At&t contractor.

So far we are getting nowhere... someone pls help




[Edited for privacy-This is a public forum. Please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]


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Broken Pipe

When AT&T came to install uverse in the neighborhood last month, the installers busted one of our pipes. Over the last month we have spent a tremendous amount of money trying to repair "the unknown." Now that we've had a professional look at it, we are told that the pipe had been broken during uverse installation. It is now repaired BUT how do we go about getting reimbursement for all of this mess?

I am VERY frustrated UVERSE CUSTOMER!!
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Neighbor cut line on their property to my house but I am being charged for repair?

Neighbor building fence cut the line to my house. The cut was done very far from my property line but the tech said that I am being bulled at least 90 bucks for the call and maybe more for the damage they did. How am I responsible for what somebody else did on their property? Shouldn't AT&T go after this home owner on their own and not involve me (a paying customer)? 

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AT&T ruined my lawn

1) A few months ago I came out to find my lawn littered with orange flags and tagged with yellow paint.  No notice was given, and the guys doing the work could tell me nothing.  For more than a month the flags stayed with no progress or explanation.


2) When work finally began I learned it was for AT&T Fiber installation.  I was actually excited because I would love to have fiber internet.


3)  My excitement quickly faded when I came home to find my yard destroyed.  A huge "channel" was cut out of my lawn and a new "box" was added nearly in the MIDDLE of my lawn.  Another smaller "channel" was cut in my side lawn.


Look, I get it.  You need to expand your fiber network and this is the only way I assume.  Still, I should have been notified and given some idea of what's going on and an estimated timeline.  A simple note on my front door BEFORE all the flags were dropped would have eased a lot of my frustration.  Imagine you come home and your yard is being destroyed with NO notice or explanation.


The "channels" will go away with time, but I should be reimbursed for the expense of fixing them (new sod + labor).  But the box in my side lawn will be there FOREVER!  I should have had to approve the new box - it's MY property!  I would have insisted that it be installed on the very edge of the lawn - or even in the concrete next to the lawn.


IMG_1943.JPGChannel cut in my FRONT yard.



IMG_1944.JPGNew box added in my SIDE yard, where my son likes to play.



IMG_1724.JPGUnder Construction



IMG_1880.JPGChannel in my side yard.




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Customer Compaint

How do I contact someone regarding damage to my property caused by a sub-contractor of AT&T which was laying fiber optic. My address is located in Coral Springs, Florida zip code 33076. The Sub-contractor for AT&T has refused to make appropriate repairs. I am tempted to contact the local TV affiliate and report the issue along with my neighbors....  I need to speak to someone at the corporate level because no one is assisting me from the sub-contractor. The company has broken the sewer line to my residence, twice and had broken my brand new paver system for my drive way.


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Phone number to report damage to my sidewalk during installation of a new vault for fiber optics

What phone number do I call to report damage to my sidewalk during installation of a new vault for fiber optic cable?

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