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Re: PacTel easement


PacTel easement

We have a 1963 PacTel easement along our rear property line. (I have the recording info for the easement and can send it to you).


Three questions:


How can we determine whether there are still active phone lines within the easement?

Can we remove the old rusty PacTel post identifying the easement?

How deep can we dig where the easement is?


(I have no idea which board this should go in, none of them seemed to apply!)


thank you

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: PacTel easement

Squiddly - Google call before you dig - CBYD - looks like the number is 811. They will come out & tel you what is underground. Probably tell you other rules, too. att can disturb anything you do there if they need to bury facilities.
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Re: PacTel easement

Thanks - we know about 811, we were wondering if ATT wanted to give us any more info.


Definitely appreciate the advice, thank you! *waves*  Will call them 1st thing Monday. 🙂

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Re: PacTel easement

Have a hunch you can't do anything in that easement if it doesn't have an end date.  Once there is an easement, it's there forever.


Here in MI the easements are spelled out in MI law and defined in size and location.  When no alley, there is a 6' easement between the back yards of all the houses on the adjoining streets.  That's where the poles  w/electric. ATT and cable lines are. 


ATT put a VRAD next to a back set garage in that 6' easement, about 3' from the sidewalk. 😉



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