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Loss of signal when screen goes white


Loss of signal when screen goes white

I have had on ongoing problem with my UVERSE TV service since 2009.  I lose the TV picture for 2-3 seconds when the screen is 75% or more mostly white.  Most of the time it is during commercials with mostly white background but it will also happen when there is an explosion and even when the TV cameras are following a ball in the sky during golf.  After speaking with several service people at the UVERSE service line over the years....."I have never heard of that problem before" was the response of ALL of them. 


After looking further into...I found a tech blog that discussed the problem and stated that my CISCO box that ATT provided me with was the problem.  Apparently the white screen overloaded the box and causes the lost signal and it was an ongoing problem for UVERSE.  After following up with UVERSE...the service person said there was not another brand of box available in my in my area. 


After 3 years of dealing with this.....I have had about enough.  Does anyone have any suggestions before I change service?   


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Re: Loss of signal when screen goes white

Sounds like you have done 3 years of research so I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the AT&TCustomerCare customer service team. They will reply back with a PM (blue envelope in the top right of the page). Their normal business hours are from 7am to 10pm Central Time.


This team was put together to handle issues that the other groups have not been able to solve.

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Re: Loss of signal when screen goes white

This is a quite old problem that results from the following combination of issues:

1. Older HDTV (usually rear-projection CRT but also some plasmas)
2. Component connections
3. Cisco IPN4320 DVR unit or Cisco IPN330 STB unit with hardware revision 2.2.02 or earlier. (Look on the bottom of the unit for the hardware revision).

You have some options for a solution:

1. Switch to an HDMI cable if your TV can use it.
2. Have the Cisco DVR/STB replaced with a Cisco IPN4320/IPN330 with hardware revision 2.2.03 or later (this has fixed the problem for some, not for others).
3. Have the Cisco DVR/STB replaced with a Cisco 7500 (DVR) or 7005 (wireless STB). These have completely different internal hardware.
4. Lower the contrast setting on the TV (may help, may not).
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