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Is AT&T going down the drain.


Is AT&T going down the drain.

I have been a customer for over 4 years. I think there service is over priced. Internet is SLOW (I have max plus) Now they have a 250 gig internet and if you go over that you gotta pay more. I have the u200 and I bet I do not watch half the channels but the plan below does not offer the channels I would like, It really seams like they are trying to run uverse/internet like they do there cell phone service. I am really thinking of going to there competitor again. I was with them for 10 years before att,.  The other thing is that everyday at least 5-10 times a day our internet stops and we have to wait for it to reboot. We have had a service tech out 3 times and they can not find anything wrong. 

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Re: Is AT&T going down the drain.

U-verse does, in theory, have a 250 gig data limit, but is not presently enforced, nor any plans to start.

DSL has a data cap of 150 gigs, and they DO enforce it. Since they plan to eventually eliminate it, they have no intentions to upgrade, improve, or expand it.

U-verse is their main expansion for wired internet for future expansion.

They just bought DirecTv, which is a real money maker. Safe to say, they are not hurting any financially.

I understand, they plan to back out of the wired phone service in rural areas, in favor of fixed wireless phone service.

They are definatly expanding into several cities, with that gigapower u-verse, with more cities planned for the future.

You are obviously not happy with your customer experiance, and I'm sorry you are having issues. But, you are definatly a minority, not the rule.


Connection problems are often the most dificult to troubleshoot, expecially when they are internittant.

 Murphys law, everything works perfectly whenever the qualified tech is on site to fix it.


As much as I like to say ATT is the cats meow, the truth is, some folks will be happiest with another provider. There are also places where, for whatever reason, ATT does not service, and in all liklyhood, will never provide service.


Whatever your choice, I wish you well, and God bless you.

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Re: Is AT&T going down the drain.

My internet service with U-Verse is horrible for whatever reason. I suspect they are throddling it, and once people are locked into their contract they are ignored. They ARE running their company like a cell phone service and it's sad. AT&T's customer service has improved over the years but their product is just inferior. Can't work with outdated equipment I guess? Not sure what my options are going to be, but I am not happy either.

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Re: Is AT&T going down the drain.

The internet service I have is  u-vERSE with a limit of 6 mb, no upgrade available. In spite of that

I am experiencing the same outages 10 - 15 times a day that you have mentioned. At times I simply walk away frustrated wondering how to resolve this...  I have spent far too much of my own time troubleshooting this and other irritating events that occur whilke browsing.

Now the question of "Is ATT going down the drain?"

I believe from my own experience that in 2015 the idea of customer service that will result in a customer achieving satisfaction is merely a theory, any and all results are a mixed bag of trick. It all comes down to the efficiency of the corporate dollar and the rest is history.

Anymore Customers basically get what they get, the employee performing the customer service who assist the customer basically have become robots. Efficientcy dictates they read scripts of the most popular items to resolve an issue that most customers have already done many times. A tech doing a home visit to resolve connectivity issues in my home, shows up on time and is friendly and helpful enough to gain my confidence. As He troubleshoots the issue of connectivity, He does the same things I have already done to verify I have service etc etc.

Nothing out of the ordinary shows up, possibly a modem change will help? Maybe a new cable? Maybe if I complain long enough it will get resolved? 

Tech's will be assigned to come out, do the same things to troubleshoot you can do yourself.

No fault lies anywhere, no one person to lay the blame on. The idea of the promise of efficientcy, delight and futuristic internet life on a meduim budget seems unrealistic.

In the end the mass of customers get what they get, period. You can choose to go to a competitor unsatisfied with the last service only to drown in some other issues the new provider posseses. How much is realistic for customers to have the expectation of absolute flawless perfection? Beats me, I dont have the answer. what I do see is, perfection is impossible, so do we settle for what we define as substandard? 

It is my hope if anything goes down the drain, let it not be down my plumbing system. I cannot afford the clean up.

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