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Is AT&T Internet Available at Your Location - Things to know from AT&T

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Is AT&T Internet Available at Your Location - Things to know from AT&T


You Want AT&T Fiber, We're Working On It


AT&T Internet is not available in all areas but AT&T is working to change that! Below, you will find information explaining:

  • why services may not be available
  • other AT&T internet options
  • news about AT&T Fiber expansions 


Why AT&T Internet is not available  

  1. Distance – AT&T Internet is a distance-dependent service. If you are too far away from the equipment, certain services may not be available. This means your neighbor may have service but your home cannot.  
  2. Equipment is not available – To get service, AT&T Internet equipment has to be in the area. In some instances, it isn't. We do not have information if or when it will be.
  3. The area is not built for U-verse – some areas are not U-verse ready. The Community team does not have information if or when it will be. Distance and equipment can play a key in instances like this.
  4. Another competitor services there area - This happens from time to time but it does not mean all services are not available to you. Check out other internet options below!

Note: In order to get higher speeds, you must be within a certain distance of the serving equipment or the equipment must be present in the area. Points 1 and 2 apply in these scenarios. If internet is not available, there are other options:


Other Internet Options

AT&T Mobile Hot Spots

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet

AT&T Unlimited &More Plans


Gigabit Speeds, When Is It Coming?

You can check to see if AT&T Fiber is at your address. You can also see current fiber areas and cities underway. If AT&T Fiber is available, you can order now! You can also sign in to your account at att.com to see if higher speeds are available. 


Note: Some areas, or homes, may not have AT&T Fiber, yet. There a many factors including those listed above. It can take time to build out areas for fiber so please pardon our dust. 


Looking for Fiber for your Neighborhood or Building?

Are you the property owner or represent your neighborhood (HoA president) and want to get AT&T Fiber for your area. Learn more about how to bring fiber to your property


Other TV Options

DIRECTV Satellite Service - Order Now.

DIRECTV NOW streaming service - Watching TV is a click away


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

AT&T Customer Care

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For additional support, please visit us at our AT&T services hub.
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*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Fiber is available on one side of the road, when will it be available on my side?

We have had AT&T uverse internet for over 3 years now. The service hasn't been what we really need, but it's currently the only option we have. I would like to know when Fiber will be available on my side of CR 210 in Saint Johns Florida, 32259. I work from home home as a graphic designer - web designer and I also work as a level 3 tech support agent during the day. I would benefit greatly if it were avaiable. As it stands now, I have to hold customers off untill I can upload data to the previous customers server becuase it takes so long. At least if I had and idea when I could have it I'd feel a little better about paying 100 bux a month for the less than desirable service I have now. 

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When do I get fiber


*** ***
WHEN WILL attend fiber be at my home.
BILL ***


[Edited for privacy-This is a public forum. Please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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When is U-Verse Internet going to be offered in our part of White House, TN?

When is U-Verse Internet going to be offered in our part of White House, TN?  U-Verse lines were strung 2 streets over in our town back in 2009 - 2010, but our neighborhood was not included.  We can only get up to 13Mbps Download and less than 1 Mbps Upload speed with our current AT&T internet service.


Thanks in advance.

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Dial up in my area

How do I find out if dial up is available for my address? I have tried for 2 years and get  standard answers but no proper answer. Uverse or cable is not available here. I heard about a new portable wireless mobile hot spot from at&t but fear to sign up for two years and then it will not connect here. I have verizon jet pak to tether to my desktop but the charges are way too much and I want a change. I would put back my landline if I can get dialup but no one will answer me. If anyone with even a small amount of knowledge can answer me I would be so grateful .I loved my uverse but it will never be in this area. I would be happy with dial up honestly  but cannot get a straight answer from any of the customer service reps who work from a printed script and have no knowledge of what I am looking for.

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Re: When do I get fiber

When you see people stringing it between poles or digging holes to bury it.

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2016 NC Rural Internet Initiative Will I finally get connected?

Former Governor Pat McCrory discussed the State Broadband Plan for North Carolina last year. Will there be funds available to help me get real internet at my house which is considered rural? The quote we receive is in excess of $6000 just to have the line brought to our house, not to mention the fact that if we could come up with that kind of money, we would still have to pay monthly service fees as well. When I purchased my Burke County home in 2002, dial-up was available and AT&T techs told us that there would be high-speed internet at our house in a year. That was 15 years ago. What a sad thing that AT&T didn't value us as customers; 15 years' worth of monthly internet charges could have been yours, AT&T. You would probably still be our home phone service company, and perhaps our cellular, too. DirecTv would probably be in our home too. However, because I was lied to, and not valued, I use Straight-Talk home phone, T-Mobile, and Dish satellite. My kids don't know what it's like to have anything "on-demand", have never played x-box live, have never been free to roam the internet without a 5 gigabyte cap per month. I completed my bachelor's degree at an accredited university under the same difficult circumstances. When will AT&T stand behind the words told to me 15 years ago? Could this be my year? 

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Trying every way possible to get ATT Uverse

I am trying to get Uverse internet at my address.  It is not showing as availible online, but it is showing as availible at all of the homes around my location in the same neiborhood.  I have called numerous times to try and get an address validation but have not heard anything back.  Is there anything else that i can do???? 

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When Will Faster Service be Avaliable in My Area

I just moved into a new apartment at [edited for privacy – please do not post personal information]Fort Worth, TX 76104.  Currently the only speed avaliable for my address is 6Mbps.  I have not signed up for service at this time because I am exploring alternative solutions to faster internet.  I need more than 6Mbps for the work I will be doing from home.

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Re: Internet in rural area

I am from east central MS, and have similar problem.  One mile any direction, internet at top speeds via fiber, cable, or high speed dsl.  I get dsl barely above 2Mbps based on speed teating.  I have a costly "unlimited" wireless plan, and use it for internet...but ten days into a billing cycle, speed is throttled to the point that it is useless.  Only good for texting and emails...if you can handle getting/receiving them 12 to 48 hrs. later.  What really irks is that I find that ATT only throttles a certain percentage of their customers.  I work from home online and cannot get decent affordable service.  Why are some throttled and others not?   When I tried to find out exactly why the situation in our area could not be improved, I discovered that the equipment was stored and awaiting government funding.  With the money being made by our phone/internet providers, could they not foot the bill?  Our children are expected to utilize internet for homework, projects, and testing in local colleges.  75% of a billing cycle reults in them having to drive 35 miles to the library to do schoolwork due to ATT throttling policies.  As a retired teacher, I have had to give up online tutoring until we can find a solution.  I understand your frustrations!


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How to upgrade Internet Service in rural areas?

Been loyal AT&T Customer for over 10 years.  Live in rural community where only 3MB ADSL is availalbe, though higher speed capabilties are available within 1/2 radius of home.  Would like to know AT&T's plans for upgrading service in my area or whom I can speak with that can talk to this

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Future Upgrade plans in my area?

Anyone know of any plans to upgrade current plans in place..I see no more Gateway Fees for new people

My Zip is 74959

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Re: How to upgrade Internet Service in rural areas?

I've been on 3 Mbps for 15 years now and constantly hound AT&T about it.  I'm even in the city limits (albeit a small city).  My neighbor less than 150 ft behind me has 24 Mbps.  It's a losing battle as far as I'm concerned.  They are interested in expanding/updating their wired infrastructure and certainly don't care about leaving customers behind.



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Re: How to upgrade Internet Service in rural areas?

This is disheartening, to hear so many folks have been in this situation for so long. I've refrained from moving to another provide (satellite - likely my location), but given AT&T has no plans to upgrade within my area - my 10+ years of loyality will be discarded (and likely never to return).  Thank you for the feedback.

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Currently getting the slowest U-Verse speed, will Gigabit Fiber be extended to all U-Verse areas?

I am a U-Verse internet and phone customer with 3Mb down and 1.5 Mbs up speed, no faster available.  Everything buffers.  Will Fiber eventually be offered to all U-Verse customers?  I was told a couple years ago by a couple techs that faster speeds were coming to my area, but so far nothing.  I live in the 44216 zip code of Ohio.  My wife tries to upload pics to a couple sites she sells clothing on, and it drives her crazy that just a couple pics take forever to upload.  Any ideas on how to find out if our area is being looked at for upgrading?

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Internet Service

I do not understand why internet service is not available at my new home in zip code 40013. I am only 8 miles outside (north) of Bardstown, KY who has internet service. I realize there is not cable at this address, but there is a phone line, why can't AAT provide broadband internet data via the phone line.

I had broadband service with Windstream at my old house, just three miles north of my current address. Windstream states they can not cross the county line to my current address, and that AAT is the service provider. Please if not cable at least make broadband available.


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