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Internet Uverse questions


Internet Uverse questions

First question:
Does anyone have a list of all of the U-Verse Internet speeds + prices AFTER the 12 month promotional discount?

Second: Is it possible to dedicate a payment to only one specific part of the bill, say if two people were to contribute to paying the monthly AT&T service fee?

Third: Although unlikely, is it possible to have two AT&T accounts in the same house hold?

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Re: Internet Uverse questions


Hi @Anonymoususar 


Fist question: I don't know of a site where you can see all the pricing after a promo. I recommend chatting with a U-verse rep, they will be able to answer those questions. You can go here and a Chat link is on the right.


Second: When paying a bill, your payment will apply to the entire balance, there is no way to specify which part you're paying (I assume you mean Internet/TV/Phone). You bills will actually have a breakdowns of services and prices, so you'll be able to see how much each service is billed for.


Third. No, only one U-verse account is allowed at on address.




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