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Incredibly bad service


Incredibly bad service

I can't believe that any one company can have as incredibly bad service as AT&T does with it's Uverse internet and phone service.  Our service went down a week before the 4th of July and when I called they told me that the earliest I could get a service call was July 7 between 8am-12pm.  I took that time and my wife planned to take that day as they told us that an adult had to be at the home during the service call.  She was home all day and no one showed up and we still had no internet or phone.  She called two seperate times to find out where the service people were only to be told that either she had the appointment time wrong (they said it was 12-4) but then backtracked when confronted with the text messages from AT&T confirming that it was 8-12 and then was told they were running behind.  When she called again at 4:45 pm she was given the name of the technician and his location (which was blocks from our house) and she was assured that he would be there as soon as he completed the prior call.  I then called at 6 pm to find out where the service tech was only to be told that there was no way that the previous person my wife spoke to could have that information as the "dispatch department" doesn't share that information with anyone.  During all of these phone conversations we were told that a service tech had been assigned to our ticket number.  After being on the phone for alomst an hour I was told that a tech was on his way.  He showed up at 6:56pm and I had him show me the work order and it showed he had been given the job at 7pm with a start time of 8am.  So he replaces the modem and it works fine until last night July 17 when it went out at 9pm and stayed out until 7:30 am July 18 when it started working again.  I wish I could get rid of this service as it appears to be flawed and the customer service people appear to be incompetant.  I think would rather deal with the Comcast guy then what I have been through trying to get my phones and internet to work.

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Re: Incredibly bad service


Hello @60vettesdr 


I'm very sorry for the issues you experienced. If you need any help in the future, our Social Media Care team will be happy to assist! You can send us a private message by clicking here.


Please feel free to reach out to us via the forums anytime you need help or have any questions.


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